“it’s direct access to the artist”

Used to selling posters representing the cities of the Côte d’Azur and France, the artist Eric Garence now also sells his works in the form of NFT (unique digital token), in a shopping center in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Artist Eric Garence’s latest project is aimed at NFT enthusiasts but also and especially those who don’t understand much about it.

Until 42 years old, the creator of the posters representing the cities of the Côte d’Azur, gets up to date. NFTs, these digital files that can be purchased on the Internet, talking about them, sometimes in the form of debates, since their inception in 2017.

What’s the point of buying a digital file?

Eric Garence answers those who ask this question by listing NFT for sale at the Capsule store in the Cap 3000 mall.

In this concept store he offers a collection of twelve posters which he calls “totem”.

Eric Garence admits he’s been thinking about a project related to NFTs since they came out. †My works are already digital“he explains,”I make them on a graphics tablet

I come from La-Colle-sur-Loup, on the Côte d’Azur, the village of Yves Klein. This artist was nicknamed the master of the intangible as opposed to Arman, the master of the material. Klein, for example, painted the blue of the sky. And I’ve always wondered what he would do with NFTs if he were still alive.

Eric Garence mainly collaborates with his birthplace, the home of Le Nôtre, Fragonard, Nivea and even Labello, but especially for the past three years with the Capsul boutique in Cap 3000.

It is a concept store that gives young digital companies from the Côte d’Azur the opportunity to have a physical sales location.“, describes the artist.

As for choosing which NFTs to put up for sale,”I put on the shoes of Madam Everybody and wonder what an NFT would look like if it were physical. So it is both technological and authentic but above all original: it requires the signature of the artistIn the Capsule concept store, the point is to come pick your NFT and leave with it.

To keep the concept simple, Eric Garence decided not to use technical words. †There’s a little tutorial on the wall“, he says. The artist explains that an NFT is a unique digital file and the object associated with this file is a totem.

Nine totems are displayed in turn on a collection of twelve posters in total representing the cities of Paris, Nice, Saint-Tropez or even La Colle sur Loup. The price is unique: 149 euros† It includes an NFT and a physical totem that can be hung on a wall.

The person chooses his totem, like the port of Nice for example or the blue chair, goes home, creates his NFT wallet online and sends me his username and proof of purchase so I can send them to him.

Until By way of comparison: a classic, material poster costs 24 or 35 euros, depending on the format. NFTs are therefore more expensive, but unique.

In total Eric Garence offers 10 NFTs by Totem (all numbered) or ten times the same poster alone. It is therefore becoming rare and no other edition is planned.

This is direct access to the artist“, Eric Garence analyzes. And to resume: “once the NFT is at home, on your dematerialized wallet, you do what you want with it. You can sell it for the price you want. It’s like an action!

Here is an example of a totem for sale at Cap 3000:

Faced with questionable clients, the one who attended business school before taking up art in 2015 explains: “the NFT is a unique digital file that certifies the authenticity and origin of a work. It is signed by me, there is traceabilityI take the opposite view so that people understand what NFT is and can walk away with it.“He is developing.

This project has already convinced the artist’s community. Followed by more than 10,000 internet users on Instagram, Eric Garence sold every totem at least once already since the launch of this concept on May 12. †For example, I sold three blue chairs, and the town hall of La-colle-sur-Loup bought us the entire collection representing this city“The night of the launch,”we sold five in two hours to professionals and individuals following me

The purchase of NFT in a physical store is a first in France.

Eric Garence is already thinking of offering the experience to other artists. There is a discussion going on for street artist César Malfi to also sell his own collection of NFTs at Capsule.

Until note: Cap 3000 has just been named the best shopping center in the world.

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