In Coimères, the school of foxes passes the 6th

Nathalie Mortara, founder of the project, said she was delighted to be opening the college today. (© Republican Southern Gironde)

The non-contractual private school in Coimères (Gironde) takes a step forward. Two years after the opening of its nursery and primary classes, the establishment in the name of Goupil obtained its registration of the rectorate for levels from 6th to 3rd, synonymous with the future creation of the Collège des Foxes. “And that includes patent preparation! adds Nathalie Mortara, founder of the project she oversees today within the associative structure Au Jardin de Maurin, and who says she is “pleased” with this development.

The opening of these levels is thus planned in two phases, she explains: “We will only open the sixth grade classroom at the beginning of the next school year to fully implement learning cycle 3, which normally includes CM1/CM2/6.e† Next year we will open cycle 4 completely, so classes of 5e4e and 3e† †

2 to 5 places to fill

In fact, therefore, places must be taken by July 1 to be able to integrate the first level of the university in September next year: “from 2 to 5” announces the supervisor explaining to take into account the children of the school at the end of CM2, priority, and above all want a small workforce to “go in depth on the essentials and give each the necessary time”.

Rare places, therefore, but also paying as it will be necessary to pay 4,500€ per year to raise your child. A cost that Nathalie Mortara justifies: “This makes it possible to finance a large part of the school, the operation and maintenance of the buildings and to employ three employees on a permanent contract full-time. †

Upcoming teacher training

Who said school was just for kids? As proof that the Foxes are on the rise among adults, Nathalie Mortara says she plans to develop a “training” component within the association by the end of the year, targeting teachers and professors curious about school methods: “I would really like to set up internships because we have a lot of requests from teachers who want to be trained in our systems. It would be a matter of thinking about integrating our tools into the conventional educational environment.”. To be continued then.

Above all, at this price point, the ‘fox’ education guarantees to think outside the box:

“The program is the same for school learning as a traditional college. We have a lot of attention and fairly basic requirements for French? writing, spelling, grammar. Our specificity lies above all in the connection of the teachings with nature, which is at the heart of our project: we work from a transversality of the teachings to reconcile key concepts and practical understanding of the living. The courses are based on experimentation, mediation, active pedagogy, projects, external interventions, discoveries…”.

For the rest, the college wants to be “classic” with a week of four and a half days, homework (“focused” however), extracurricular outings, evaluations…

Donation campaign

Nathalie Mortara assures us: the number of requests for education is increasing every year and more than the positive feedback from the parents, “it was they themselves who urged us to open the college so that the children could stay in this environment”. To make this change, however, you must first go through the investment box:

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“We plan to renovate a large dryer to accommodate the other colleges coming up. And for that, we launched an online donation campaign to help us,” explains the manager, remembering that the association is also open to patronage. Furniture, school materials and cloakroom facilities must also be financed. Enough to enable foxes to continue to develop in peace.

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