update on the 59 “laboratory schools” before the arrival of Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron will visit Marseille on Thursday for a progress report on the “school” part of his “Marseille en grand” plan. Here is the list of the 59 “laboratory” schools selected to conduct this experiment.

The experiment was presented on September 2, 2021, when the “Marseille en grand” plan was announced by President Macron.

The government has called for “innovative projects” to be part of these “laboratory schools”, which provide in particular a free teacher recruitment† 59 school directors applied from the 472 schools in Marseille. 38 are classified as REP or REP+, but 21 are not, which amounts to almost 36%.

Here is the map of the 59 laboratory schools in the city:

Among the schools involved are the park school of Kallisté, the school Saint-André La Castellane… and others not classified in the priority education networks: the primary school of La Blancarde, the school Rouet or still the primary school Calanques de Sormiou.

“This project funding creates a two-speed school”said Cécile Barron, member of the Collectif des écoles de Marseille and Vice President FSPE 13. We’re making 59 schools work the way they all should work.”

At the heart of these experiments: more freedom and autonomy given to heads of institutions to shape their teaching staff. These 59 schools represent nearly 11,000 students and more than 600 teachers.

This innovation, accompanied by a state-released €2.5 million envelope, remains a thorny issue in Marseille.

The call for projects launched last autumn had already made many teachers and directors jump. A boycott had been called for.

Our students are not lab ratsCaroline Chevé, FSU Department Secretary13, responded. They need the resources to have the same school environment as the others, not to serve as a test for government reform.”

Beginning of March 38 positions “specific requirements”, have been published, Le Monde reports. The school principals contributed to the drafting of the descriptions to define the required skills. For example “master digital tools”. One hundred and forty-nine people have already signed up.

“Teaching in these schools requires you to go through a specific recruiting committee if you do the exact same jobregrets Virginie Akliouat, general secretary of the SNUipp-FSU of Bouches-du-Rhône. In this committee, inspectors, but also the school board and a teacher from the school assess each teacher candidate.

“Faithful to his promise, Emmanuel Macron is dismantling the school in Marseille by creating a specific recruitment that has no place in the field of skills and by giving a colossal budget to 59 schools, while Marseille has 470”.

How can you justify that two schools 100 meters away have a budget difference of 40,000 euros?

Virginie Akliouat, General Secretary of the SNUipp-FSU of Bouches-du-Rhône

“It is a break in teacher status and the collective management of transfers that is fair and just and familiar to all on a scale specific to each teacher, she explains. This also raises questions from a pedagogical point of view. We are tempted to recruit a profile or friends… to create a certain homogeneity within the teaching team”.

“We don’t need a lab, insists Virginie Akliouat. We need a huge investment in our schools, both in Marseille and elsewhere. It is a fundamental, systemic problem and not an opportunistic problem related to election deadlines for a small number of schools.

Regarding the school renovation plan announced by Emmanuel Macron, the city of Marseille announces 16 ongoing projects. ‘The state seems to have taken the emergency measure’Cécile Barron responds.

“There is a schedule of this plan that we would like to know in a bit more detail about. 16 construction sites, that’s a start. We would like to know the criteria to prioritize the construction sites, which schools will be supported by this plan , the data, under what conditions… This is information we struggle with.”

On Thursday, Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Marseille in the company of the new Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye.

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