Crypto Currency: “We offer Burkinabè the opportunity to invest in the TBFK for free”, Xavier Hesselbarth, Promoter of Exchange 4.0

Cryptocurrency, or even cybercurrency, is in vogue in developed countries. In French-speaking Africa, this digital currency is slowly but surely becoming part of everyone’s daily life. With an open heart, Xavier Hesselbarth, French businessman at the top of his master’s degree in international trade, his 40 years of experience in local trade, real estate and digital, tells us about the opportunities Burkina needs to seize through crypto change. As promoter of the company Exchange 4.0 (, thanks to the TBFK he wants to revive the economy of the country of the sincere people.
Exchange 4.0, owner of Exchange TFBK, is a Burkinabè company with local and European partners.

According to Xavier Hesselbarth, the TBFK is an opportunity for Burkina and for Africa, especially since the TFBK, based on a really relevant economic model, would bring it in 2022 between 2000 and 3500 € (1.3 million FCFA and 2.3 million FCFA) . with 1% market share in France.

L’Economiste du Faso: What is the purpose of your presence in Burkina Faso?
Xavier Hesselbarth: I came to Burkina, to Ouagadougou, to promote a concept that we introduced. This concept would enable every Burkinabe to significantly increase their purchasing power by investing in the local economy. Whether for study, for a trip, for the purchase of a vehicle or in real estate. It’s just a new economy that we’re offering because we’ve created an environment that protects our members from any deflationary risk.
You talk about local economy and new concept. What exactly is it about?
We set up a concept in mainland France that has been running for over a year. It is based on customer satisfaction and aims to improve people’s living conditions. This concept makes it possible to increase purchasing power in a very significant way. This can be up to 70% discount on food and fuel. Today, for example, we are talking about inflation. People are very sensitive to this. We can also enable professionals to increase their commercial margin by lowering the discount rate by 10, 20 or 50, while preserving or even improving the customer benefit.
Many people are located there and this makes it possible to generate a distribution of almost 49 million loyalty points today. A year ago we created the TFBK (Editor’s Note: Cryptocurrency Similar to Bitcoin) which we digitized on the Blockchain Solana.

Is the TFBK your cryptocurrency is safe?
The security of cryptocurrency today in general is absolutely guaranteed, as it forms a store of value, an ultra-secure vault that even governments cannot intervene. On the other hand, they know that you have brought in money but have absolutely no access to it. Then it’s encrypted. The number of transactions can also reach 50,000 per second, so that is not interceptable. The only way for the government to look, I insist, because we want to show transparency, is to go through trading platforms or traditional trading transactions and accept the TFBK in trading as bitcoin. The government must manage financial and fiscal flows in a legitimate way.

It’s acting you do, isn’t it?
No. Nowadays we are mainly in a phase of product education, because here in Burkina people have been taken care of by traders. Traders are intermediaries who promise you world and wonders, who take your money and put it on the stock or cryptocurrency markets. Only I realized that it is people who are absolutely inexperienced in the field that are hired. And I’m nice when I say that because the last verdict we saw recently, people were released to pay back investors. Those who have not yet gone to jail because they understood that the merchant took the money, he made people believe that he opened accounts, but he did not put the money, he kept everything in his account.
Be careful, we shouldn’t make generalizations, but not all traders work like that. What makes the difference between a good and a bad trader is whether he is regulated or not. In the United States or in France it is regulated. We make sure that this trader meets all the requirements to be clear. Here I don’t know how it works, if there is any legislation for traders, if anyone can call themselves a trader. I don’t know, but there are people who are really in bad faith and who are scammers to put it bluntly. Moral, we create a management space for each member and support them in their TFBK sales strategy, which can generate monthly or compound interest over time, without intermediary.

Don’t you make new out of old? Isn’t that veiled trade?
Today’s market is based on an economic model, on a value. From the moment we respond to customer satisfaction, people stick with it and hang around them. And that means we are distributing more and more TFBK to meet demand. The more you hand out, the more the value increases. It’s that simple, we are not engaged in any trading or network marketing operation, or pyramid selling, which is prohibited by law.

Listening to you, are crypto assets the present and the future at the same time?
We have actually misled the market, because the system is not good. Today we are in the same system, be it in Africa, Europe or the United States. The economy is one big pie and today there aren’t even crumbs to share, so if we don’t reinvent ourselves in a new economy, we won’t succeed. That is why we are part of this new economy; because we are going to allow the local population, so the Africans, that not only Burkina, it is all the countries of French-speaking West Africa, have the capacity to take advantage of the promotion of the TFBK to support them in the realization of their life projects. Obviously if you don’t have the knowledge you will work for a living. But those who have the knowledge have understood that it is necessary to make money work. So the best strategy today, the best motivation, is knowing how to work to make money because you’ve used your capitalization.

Investing in TBFK seems risk-free, is it really what you say?
Yes, it’s real. Today we have more than a year of activity. We started with a TFBK of 0.00005 euros and today we are at 249 euros. This means that in one year we have achieved an increase of almost 5,000,000%. While Bitcoin has grown by 13,000% in 10 years. This is already very honorable for us. If you look at the capitalization that we’ve made, we’re already in the big leagues, with a community capitalization of over $12 billion. We are in the international market, technically and soon on the DEX (decentralized exchange platform), and it is we who will influence this market with efficient evidential value. Right now, for all trades made on, every member has the option to trade a little, say for fun with a variable of 5% up or down in the price of the day.
We offer Burkinabè the opportunity to invest in the TBFK for free. It is a loan that we provide to those who wish it. It is like a hunting rifle that we lend so that the member takes his game and after 90 days he returns us our rifle while keeping the fruits of his hunting. If you find your account there after this free phase, you have the option to buy the TBFK. Thus, the person can make profit for as long as he wants.

If I have 1 million CFA francs today and I want TBFK, how does that work in practice?
It’s not difficult. You first become a member by going to and acquiring assets. Once you have your private space, you can easily buy or resell your assets. The only risk you run is to get your capital back with interest. In Burkina we already have 130 members who support the local economy and will achieve their life goals by this year 2022.
I give an appointment to those who want to better understand what cryptocurrency is, how to invest risk-free in the TBFK, this Wednesday, May 25, 2022 in the 2000 garden in Ouagadougou, under the influence of 6 pm.
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