Collaboration Flow-Lilmiquela: Should we invest in Flow at the current price?

Class e PowerFLOW): what is the current price?

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FLOW crypto news as of 16-05-2022

Meanwhile, on the same day, Coinmarketcap reported that FLOW’s 24-hour trading volume is up 7.5%.

For the Flow blockchain, the news follows the launch a few weeks ago of a $725 million fund to finance the development of the network and the projects that comprise it. Currently around $2.6, FLOW would have the potential to rise to $6.24, according to GOV Capital.

The essentials to know Flow

Creation of crypto FLOW

Brave Labs has developed Flow with the aim of providing solutions for NFTs and decentralized gaming applications. Dapper Labs created Crypto Kitties on Ethereum, the game that started the NFT revolution.

However, the popularity of Crypto Kitties had led to congestion on the Ethereum network leading to higher transaction fees. So Dapper Labs chose to solve the problem by creating a more scalable blockchain.

This is how the Flow blockchain was created.

How does the Flow

Flow uses a proof-of-stake consensus process, where validators must stake a certain number of FLOW tokens to join the network.

But Flow’s innovation lies in the fact that they distribute the validation tasks for different types of nodes: consensus, authentication, execution, access, and collection. Which makes it unique among blockchains.

According to Dapper, the division of tasks between nodes makes transaction processing more efficient than competing blockchains.

Some DApps developed on Flow

cryptocurrencies FLOW : our opinion and forecast for 2022

  • Flow Mirror Mag Overall rating: 8/10

Opinion about the project Flow

Crypto Kitties will soon be migrated to the Flow blockchain, and with the meteoric rise of NBA Top Shot and the arrival of other NFT developers, Flow could become one of the most desirable blockchains for such projects.

Price Volatility Notice

FLOW remains quite volatile at this point, with bearish moves being more pronounced than bullish swings.

Price prediction by Flow medium term

FLOW is near the launch price of about $6. This is a unique opportunity to buy it as if you participated in the ICO. The drop could continue down to $4 before a rebound higher.

Price prediction by Flow long-term

Flow’s blockchain powers some very popular NFT DApps and the NFT industry is still in its infancy. The $40 price is a first long-term goal.

Conclusion – Should You Invest in Crypto Flow? Where and how to buy?

Conclusion of our review Flow

Dapper Labs also has other top partners to boost the FLOW project: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), CNN, Samsung, Ubisoft and Warner Music Group, among others. FLOW is therefore a cryptocurrency with great potential.

Useful resources to invest in FlowFLOW

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