The Metaverse Marketing Guide

In a world where AR/VR takes an important place, mastering metaverse marketing is no longer an option. This is especially true for event professionals who are thinking about following the wave of technological evolution. After the dazzling arrival of the virtual format, agencies barely had time to sniff the hybrid. And already a brand new concept is pointing the tip of his nose.

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With major social media platforms like Facebook eyeing their future in the metaverse, their marketing strategy is bound to follow suit. The HTC brand is also evolving towards suitable VR technology for businesses rather than consumers. Besides the entertaining aspect, this technology becomes a professional tool. Some even affirm that it represents the future.

Features to remember about the metaverse

If brands are so striving for metaverse marketing, it’s because this technology has more than one advantage. she is still active, it doesn’t stop when you leave the virtual world. Events in the metaverse sync with the real world and users can do different activities at the same time.

metaverse marketing

By choosing metaverse marketing, you participate in the promoting an autonomous and fully functional universe† Users can create, own, sell and even invest† Different platforms are functional at the same time in this new world.

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Impress your guests by organizing an event in your image. From the conference to the product launch and the corporate evening, make this moment unforgettable.

Put metaverse marketing parallel to real marketing

While it may look like this, dismiss the idea that metaverse marketing is just a fad. The actions you take in virtual reality must match what you do in the real world† In both cases, participants must agree with what you offer them. Your brand has every interest in it maintain identity in all circumstances. In any case, don’t choose between the metaverse and reality. The two must evolve together.

Focus on the immersive experience

For metaverse marketing, a virtual migration is not enough. For example, if you opt for virtual billboards, take into account the experiential and immersive aspect from the metaverse. Take advantage of this to deliver original and participative experiences to your audiences. Offer branded installations and events that: users can communicateinstead of just posting ads.

organize an event in the metaverse

Involve your community

If you’re new to metaverse marketing, consider: the community already in the virtual world† Avoid boring him, make sure you get a positive reception from him. This gives you more opportunities to sell your services to its members. Users and community members are an integral part of your campaigns.

The collections are something that metaverse users appreciate. This way they can show their interest. So whether it be assets or limited edition items, you need to offer them virtual goods to collect. The NFT can be of great help to you in this case.

Dare to continuously experiment with metaverse marketing

You won’t be able to master metaverse marketing the first time. This new virtual world very close to reality is a new offer for which there is still a lot of room experiment† Of course, guiding principles can inform you about the strategies to follow. However, best practices have yet to be established, everything has to be created. that gives you all latitude be unique in your approaches

Your tailor-made event

Impress your guests by organizing an event in your image. From the conference to the product launch and the corporate evening, make this moment unforgettable.

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