Card: Our Full Review

How does the card work?

Now let’s get into the details of This card is one of the best crypto cards (or Bitcoin card) on the market. cards are available in France for a few years now, but with the boom in bitcoin (and all cryptocurrencies in general), they are is getting more and more popular† It must be said that is not a simple card: it offers many features and many benefits.

How to pay with the card? offers a crypto Visa card, which is therefore accepted all over the world. It does not allow you to pay directly in Bitcoin or Ethereum, but to very easily sell all your digital currencies to transfer them directly to your card and spend the money. Over 100 digital currencies are currently supported by the card and new ones are added every day!

And if you run out of cryptocurrency, you can “top up” your card and pay with euros, pounds, dollars, Swiss francs, etc., and this at no cost if you top up with another bank card or via bank transfer. And you still get the cashback!

That is why the crypto card is so popular: it offers great freedom in the payment methods. So it ranks first in our crypto card comparison.

The benefits of the card

Besides the fact that you can pay for your purchases the way you want – by selling your cryptocurrencies or by “charging” your card with euros – card offers many benefits

  • Cashback on your expenses from 1% to 8% in CRO ( corner)
  • Reimbursement of subscriptions according to your card type (Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime)
  • The ability to “stack” (block) cryptos in exchange for interest ranging from 3% to 14%
  • Ability to “supercharge” his CRO to mine new currencies
  • The sponsorship that earns the equivalent of $25 in CRO for the sponsor and godchild (for any card subscription with 2% or more cash back)

And the benefits continue to grow. At the moment eg. is testing a new feature: missions† Users receive diamonds when they perform actions (e.g. buy or sell $20 worth of cryptos in one go, or buy or sell $500 worth of crypto in one day) and every 25 diamonds you can open a mystery box containing one or more CROs.

Our take on the card and cashback

It’s not hard to “make a profit” with your card (especially since you can recover the blocked money at any time, so you don’t actually have to pay for the card!) use it for every release (Don’t hesitate to offer to pay common charges with your loved ones and group gifts if they refund you afterwards…) and don’t forget to pay for your Spotify subscription, Netflix and Amazon Prime for those who take the higher cards) with your card so that it is properly reimbursed. That is already 120 € earned back in one year!

As a bonus, the app’s Pay function allows you to repay your loved ones with their phone number and receive 10% cashback (up to €5 per month).

Don’t forget to enter our referral code 2yrtdzch65 before you take your card, which can earn you $25 in CRO if you take a card with 2% or more cashback!

What the card actually brought me

crypto card

If you’d like a personal testimonial, here’s mine: I received my card at the end of October 2020. Personally, I am not a big spender: the app tells me that I have won €240 cashback since my registration. But as I have a portion of it that increased 4x on sudden CRO spike, I estimate that I got about €500 cashback after selling this copy. Not forgetting the earning feature that earns me a few bucks a week, and the ability to sponsor friends for $25 per person which I also used twice… in short, there are many ways to make money with , and I think I made it profitable for a long time, I do not regret it!

Not to mention that thanks to the application I became familiar with cryptocurrencies, so I started investing, for a return of about 80% in a few months…

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