Bachelor: possible opportunities after this bac+3

The bachelor’s degree program is designed to link up with other degree programmes. The choice is huge. Here’s how you can:

– Integrate a Grande Ecole program (called PGE, it is the most prestigious course in Business Schools). To do this, you can apply for the AST (Admission by Title) of any branch or participate in a common competition such as Passerelle 2, which is open to graduates of a bac +3/4.

– Applying for a master’s degree: be it in a university or private school (that of your bachelor’s degree or any other). It takes two years (master 1 and master 2)

– Integrate an MSc (Master of science), more specialized and slightly shorter program (3 semesters and an internship).

– To work, Very simple, even if that means you have to resume training later, if you have some experience.

Other ambitious and attractive alternatives

Why choose when you can do both? That is somewhat the scope of the project of Paulo Da Silva, who is completing his 3rd year at ESG Finance in a double degree with the University of Lorraine. He studied in Paris, but his courses at the Grand Est gave him an ambitious idea: “As soon as I have my bachelor’s degree in my pocket, I will work in Luxembourg, where the bac+3 diplomas are more than enough to secure a permanent contract. . At the same time, I am taking a master’s degree in the evenings and at weekends,” explains the student. He believes that the lack of a bac+5 could slow him down in his development if he were to accidentally return to France.

Although it is designed to adapt to the constraints of the active life, it promises to be a compact program with few holidays ahead! But Paulo Da Silva wants to be confident. “I did a good study that earned me two diplomas and I worked alternately for a whole year. In addition, I know exactly what I want: management control and financial analysis,” he says. He therefore chose the two well between working immediately and continuing his studies.

Why no break?

This intense pace may not be for everyone. Catherine Gautier, General Delegate of the Passerelle association, organizes parallel admission competitions to participate in the Grandes Ecoles. These keep places available for different profiles over the years. In particular, the Passerelle 2 competition, which gives undergraduate and graduate students access to six major schools: Burgundy BS in Burgundy, EM Normandie, ESC Clermont, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School in Essonne, Excelia in Charente-Maritime and South Champagne BS in aube .

For those who cannot choose, the association has another solution. “For those in doubt, the end of a bachelor’s degree can be the ideal time to take a gap year and take a step back,” says Catherine Gautier. This period is far from a waste of time, but gives you the chance to think carefully: “Depending on the choice you make and your project, in a few years you will not have the same salary or prospects to take on responsibility”, she warns. † Taking a break at this precise moment “can be used to take stock, set your priorities, experience a first job, put money aside, improve your English, undertake a humanitarian or artistic project,” illustrates Catherine Gautier. So many activities that can be promoted to both the master juries and the employers.

“Follow your own path and have faith in your ideas”

4 questions for Alexandra Narozny Bachelor’s degree from Inseec, Paris

You have chosen to enter the labor market directly. Why ?

On the one hand, I really wanted to work. On the other hand, I had a hard time supporting all these distance courses during the incarceration. When in doubt about the consequences of the pandemic, it seemed unthinkable to launch myself for another two years.

Did you have trouble getting hired?

I was lucky enough to find it quite easily. My work-study ended on August 31. I had two interviews in June and then signed my contract with Izencia in July. It is an IT service company and simply the best place in the world to start your career!

What are you doing ?

I am a business developer, the first contact between our future customers and us. During my internship I held similar positions, always with that little frustration of not being able to move on, being too busy elsewhere. Now I’m finally fully into my plans.

A tip for who should choose?

Do what you really feel! I hesitated myself. Finally, why should I have continued in master? Actually, I didn’t want that and that is the case with many students. They are under pressure from society, from their families… It takes willpower to follow your own path and to have faith in your ideas.

Le Parisien Etudiant – special “Bachelor (bac+3)” 2022

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