why are the police being accused of being passive towards the shooter?

Did the police intervene slowly to arrest the author of the Texas shooting? After 19 children and two female teachers were murdered in the school in Uvalde on Tuesday, the police report is singled out, accused of being passive in the face of the shooter. During a press conference on Thursday, May 26, a manager of the Texas State Security Department, Victor Escalon, received a barrage of questions from the press. Franceinfo takes stock of the criticism of the police.

The questions are partly fueled by the lack of clarity about the exact course of the shooting. The circumstances under which the shooter, salvador ramos, were the subject of conflicting information. Officials from the authorities initially claimed that:a school security officer had intervened to try to prevent the attacker from entering the establishment, reports the Washington PostA version that was contradicted by Victor Escalon on Thursday. The murderer “entered without obstacle” at school and “didn’t meet anyone”to every police officer, he explained at a press conference.

The media also questioned Victor Escalon several times about the time that had elapsed between the gunman’s arrival in front of the school at 11:28 a.m. and his entry into the premises twelve minutes later, explains. National Public Radio*. After getting out of his wrecked vehicle, the man with a semi-automatic rifle and a backpack full of ammunition fired at two people near an undertaker on the other side of the street, then climbed the school gate, detailed Victor Escalon . Salvador Ramos then shot into the school building before finally entering the facility.

According to this official, the police received a phone call at 11:30 a.m. warning them of the presence of an armed man. The first police arrived on the scene “four minutes” after the attacker broke into the school. “They hear gunshots, catch bullets, fall back and take cover”has followed Victor Escalon† Reinforcements are called and the police surround the establishment.

But it is mainly the delay to neutralize the attacker who is interrogating. “About an hour” elapsed between the shooter’s entry into the school and the launch of the attack, recognized Victor Escalon. Asked about this time frame and whether the intervention should have started earlier, he admitted it was a “Difficult question” and that he doesn’t “not enough information yet” to answer it, writes NBC News*.

While the shooter was in the school, pSeveral parents who gathered in front of the establishment expressed their misunderstanding. “There were at least 40 officers armed to the teeth, but they didn’t do anything until it was too late”, estimated with ABC * Jacinto Cazares, father of Jacklyn Cazares, one of the victims, 10 years. The parents “were ready to go home”told AFP Daniel Myers, a 72-year-old minister, who witnessed the scene.

“One of the relatives said, ‘I was in the military, just give me a gun, I’m going. I won’t hesitate. I’ll go.'”

Daniel Myers, a witness to the scene

at AFP

In a video obtained by the media Storyful*, we can indeed see parents urging the police to intervene. lthe police first “evacuated personnel, students, teachers”, in turn explained Victor Escalon. The first officers to arrive on the scene were at a disadvantageThey couldn’t get in”Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Security, told CBS News*.

The police waited for the arrival of a elite unit of the Border Police to launch the attack, the border with Mexico near Uvalde. officers are entered the school around 12:45 p.m., another department spokesperson, Travis Considine, told AP News*. Border Police Chief Raul Ortiz told CNN* that members of his unit “no doubt”

“They came up with a plan. They walked into the classroom and got the situation under control as quickly as possible.”

Raul Ortiz, Border Patrol Chief

on CNN

Entering the establishment, the security forces were fired upon by the attacker, barricaded inside, detailed on Twitter* a Department of Homeland Security official. the cops “positioned themselves between the shooter and children to divert his attention from potential victims”she also said. The attacker was shot dead shortly before 1 p.m.

to the press, Victor Escalon rehearsed on Thursday that there was “a lot of information” and “many variable points” during the investigation. “It takes days, hours, it takes time”the manager insisted.

For his part, spokesman Chris Olivarez . said assured Thursday night that the investigators were conducting interviews with the police to try “to determine exactly their role” “It will help us establish a more factual and concrete timeline, between when the shooter arrived at the school and when he was killed, and what happened in between.”he added CNN*.

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