the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology towards new horizons

The National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology takes a new turn in its long history. With the creation of its brand SUPMICROTECH, the 120-year-old school aims to (re)disclose its know-how of excellence in microtechnology. New ambitions built on 3 main pillars: a rich history in synergy with its territory, academic excellence and innovation in applied research.

Microtechnology has been struggling for years with a clear lack of recognition at national and international level. Today, however, they are essential for the design and manufacture of many everyday objects. Microtechnics can be defined as a set of high-precision methods for designing or repairing systems between millimeters and micrometers in size. Smartphones, for example, are now ubiquitous in everyone’s lives and are all made up of microsystems that are the result of microtechnology. SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM is the only school in France to offer training in these excellent skills. A monopoly linked to an ancient history rooted in the territory of Besançon.

A history closely linked to the territory

The expertise of SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM is the result of more than a century of experience. The first traces of the school appeared 120 years ago in the Besançon region, which at the time wanted to become the flagship of the French watch industry. To do this, it is necessary to be able to train technical managers to create the small mechanical systems that make up a clock. To meet this industrial need, the SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM school, then called the Chronometry Laboratory, awarded its first engineering degree in 1902. In nearly 70 years, the school has become the reference in training in watchmaking micromechanisms. An expertise that directly benefits companies in the Bisontine region.

The early 1970s was a pivotal moment for the region. While the school and watchmaking have grown simultaneously in a virtuous dynamism, the advent of Quartz will make traditional chronometric techniques obsolete. It is a whole territorial know-how that is under threat. Despite this situation, the school decides to keep its expertise in the area by applying it to new areas. By choosing to adapt to economic and technological developments, SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM has become the reference training center for microtechnics and microtechnologies.

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM: the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology towards new horizons SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM

Be an essential part of the industry of the future

Today, microtechnics and microtechnologies are everywhere and are constantly occupying space in the industry. A wide variety of fields ranging from luxury to medtech and aviation use these methods. The design and manufacture of microsensors and microactuators is the cornerstone of many industries. In addition, the ecological transition of companies is no longer an option. All the lights on our planet are red. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel of Experts is alarming. The planet is undeniably warming and industrial activity has a lot to do with it. Microtechnics and microtechnologies essentially have an environmental dimension. Only they make it possible to produce lighter, smarter and above all less energy-consuming devices by controlling the use of raw materials. The other area in which microtechnics and microtechnologies are at the forefront is data science. Upstream of this field we find the microsystems that are the first data providers.

Become a European reference in microtechnics and microtechnologies

By launching the SUPMICROTECH brand, the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology confirms the uniqueness of its training. The goal is simple: to become the leader in training in microtechnics and microtechnologies in France and in Europe. To achieve this goal, the establishment relies on academic excellence with a training unique in France, such as the diploma in microtechnology and design. A course especially for design professions in the field of medical technology

(MedTech) and supported by the prestigious Femto-ST laboratory. Teaching linked to applied research from which concrete innovations arise: such as the concept of a connected bra. This object is the perfect example of the societal impact that microtechnics and microtechnologies in combination with artificial intelligence can have. The underwear, composed of microsensors, can accurately analyze the physiological elements of the chest to detect a possible breast cancer. A field waiting to be developed by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM.

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