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Laurent Pignot, a graduate of Montpellier Business School and Paris 1-Sorbonne, with experience in the world of banking and insurance, has such a passion for cryptocurrencies that one day he wants to launch a medium dedicated to the popularization of these alternative assets . What attracts this lover of sports and gastronomy? As a good representative of his generation, the decentralized and disintermediated dimension of these currencies. What drives it? Adrenaline is linked to the investing game.

The cryptosphere is full of bright news every day. To keep you up to date with the most important information about this sector, I have summarized for you the essence of the most important news of the past few days.

  • Stripeone of the world’s leading payment processors, has announced that businesses will be able to: convert fiat payments to bitcoin through his app. This feature is available through the Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure software, OpenNode. The opportunity for the American giant to attract a new tech-savvy clientele.
  • eBaythe e-commerce giant, has announced that it has NFT market† By partnering with the Web3 OneOf platform, the California company just announced the sale of a first collection called “Genesis” featuring hockey legend Wayne Gretzky in 3D. Most NFTs have already sold out, but Ebay has confirmed Wayne is the first iconic athlete in a long line to be released in the coming months.
  • GameStopthe company specializing in the distribution of video games and electronic equipment has a beta version of own crypto and NFT wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. A non-custodial wallet that allows users to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs through their web browser. GameStop has even announced its intention to launch a dedicated IOS application. After reaching the status ofsame stock”, the company enters a new world.
  • The NFT enter the maul of french rugby† Beautiful candle made by the Steering Committee of the National Rugby League (LNR), which has launched a consultation to offer NFTs related to French professional rugby from the 2022/2023 season. NFTs would take three forms of commercialization depending on the communicated of the LNR: cards representing clubs and players, video sequences of matches and finally products with a “link with the assets and events of the NRL”. So, are you ready to take on the pixelated battle?
  • the CEO of MasterCardMichael Miebach, told the World Economic Forum from Davos in front of an audience of blockchain executives who will see the system FASTone of the most widely used networks for cross-border transactions, would no longer exist in five years† On May 19, SWIFT announced a new series of experiments with central bank digital currencies in partnership with Capgemini to facilitate cross-border payments.
  • The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, made no secret of his negative sentiment towards the cryptosphere during an interview on David Rubinstein’s Dutch show College Tour. “I’ve always said that” crypto assets are highly speculative and highly risky assets […] She are worth nothing† They are not backed by anything, there are no underlying assets to serve as a security anchor.” Words that immediately gave food for thought on social networks between pro and anti digital currencies.

  • Terra’s rebirth is underway. After the cryptosphere shook after the loss of parity of its algorithmic stablecoin (UST) with the dollar that caused the collapse of its ecosystem, Terra 2.0 will be released† A recovery plan proposed by the protocol’s founder and CEO, Do Kwon, was voted on and approved by 65.5% of the community and validators. The plan is called “Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2aims to create a new chain that will not contain an algorithmic stablecoin this time around. The old faulty channel is called “Terra Classic” and the new “Terra”.
  • The French banking giant BNP Paribas joins JPMorgan’s Onyx blockchain. It allows digital tokens to be traded on the JPMorgan network to: to provide short-term loans. Onyx is primarily active in the intraday repo market valued at approximately $12 trillion. This system allows banking infrastructures to lend US Treasuries for a few days without the assets leaving their balance sheets. This makes it possible to better manage the liquidity requirements imposed on institutions after the 2008 crisis.
  • Let’s end this Crypto Recap with a unusual news† The Russian authorities discovered a cryptocurrency mining farm in most former prison of the land from 1771: Boutyrka. Law enforcement officers discovered mining equipment in the prison’s Federal Correctional Service. The deputy prison warden is accused of using the prison’s electricity to mine cryptocurrency with the help of unidentified accomplices. The machines would have consumed 8,400 kW of electricity between November 2021 and February 2022, the equivalent of $1,000 in electricity at the expense of the Russian government.

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