O’clock, the digital school accessible to everyone and everywhere!

Tech jobs become accessible to everyone with O’clock’s digital school. Thanks to the numerous training courses, which can also be studied, the doors of the digital professions are open to you.

Between sometimes prohibitive costs, trainers that aren’t always up to scratch and unrecognized “degrees”, training can take the form of an obstacle course… Fortunately, O’clock becoming a certified and recruited web developer is the new safe bet . Founded in 2016, this school has already trained more than 3,500 professionals in development professions.

In just a few years, O’clock has shown indisputable results:

  • 92% success in the various RNCP titles for which the school prepares;
  • 70% of learners get a job right away or go on to higher education.

A real success story of training, far from the result of chance, but of a much more original pedagogical philosophy than is believed in the world of training: putting the learner at the center of the lessons and concerns of trainers.

O’clock: the student at the center of the training

With a team of 160 people, 90 of whom are devoted exclusively to pedagogy, O’clock accompanies its students during their training. From choosing the right professional project, through financing methods to finding a company in the case of an apprenticeship, you are never alone. The O’clock team will support you in finding financing, global or partial, for your training† Whether you are unemployed, undergoing professional retraining or simply studying, O’clock certainly holds the keys to the success of your professional project.

Telepresence: an innovative and effective teaching method

Training only makes sense if it increases employability. That is why O’clock has developed an innovative and effective teaching method: telepresentation. By following a hours of training, you are not alone in front of your screen and indigestible courses, but you follow courses face-to-face, with other students. An innovation that enables interactions as rich as face-to-face, without having to travel. You will see the trainer code window and the trainer can correct your work in real time. Of course you can communicate with teachers and other students, vocally or via chat. Simple and devilishly effective!

Hour virtual classroom visual for remote working

O’clock: training adapted to your needs and those of companies

Whatever your professional project, O’clock is sure to have the training that’s right for you. The short courses help you to build your skills by specializing, for example, in React.JS, in the Back and Front Office WordPress or in data processing in JavaScript. And if your project is a developer career, long training courses will give you optimum employability.
Three of them should pique your interest:

All are certified by the RNCP and provide recognition from professionals in the sector.

Variation with O’clock: reward during your training

O’clock, it’s not just continuing education, it’s also the opportunity to train on a learn-work basis. A choice that represents three advantages:

  • You will be paid during your education.
  • You benefit from your first professional experience since the 16-month training, alternating between course periods and periods in companies.
  • The training costs are borne by the company. Enough to tackle his professional retraining in peace and with excellent job prospects after the training.

image of a student at the O'Clock digital school

O’clock: start your new career tomorrow

With O’clock, it only takes a few minutes to register and contact the recording team. Together you will identify your professional project, discover the training that will help you achieve your goals and find the financing method that suits your situation. Training with O’clock is not just a customer, but part of a real learning community.

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