NFT Globin Town: The Globintown.wft collection hits the stage in a stroke of genius

Launched on May 22 without fanfares and trumpets, the NFT Goblin Town collection has been an unexpected success. “Unexpected” because the promoters didn’t go through the boxes” whitelists », collaborations, community building, etc., to achieve this. They simply chose a Twitter account with a very modest number of followers (10,600) coupled with a free distribution of NFTs and voila.

What is Goblin Town NFT?

The NFT Goblin Town collection came out of nowhere. No commercial effort, no drums or tom-toms, but the concept quickly won the NFT community. To say that the other collections had to go through Discord channels, from whitelist and creating hype for a coin to be noticed.

With a Twitter account of 10,600 followers, which is a bit modest for a major social network, the NFT collection hit the ground running after its launch. Surprising for a project whose promoters’ names are not revealed.

On NFT, the NFT Globin Town collection is already a hit, despite it being free. Currently, trading volume for NFTs on OpenSea is above 3,800 ETH, or $7.76 million 4 days ago. For a price floor of 0.5 ETH and 10,000 generative NFTs, this is really incomprehensible.

A report from DappRadar placed it in second place on the NFT ranking pages. Indeed, the sale of Globin Town NF generated $4.14 million in just 24 hours.

Source: DappRadar

The Twitter community couldn’t believe it. The collection was not only unknown to the public but also impressed the masses as soon as it was released. Is it a way of showing that you can build something from nothing?

Note that this formula does not always work. And you know it. Many project developers partner with the biggest alpha projects/groups, engage 200,000 followers by running WL spot giveaways… But eventually, ie after the coin, we are relatively far from the expected results. So Ashrobin responded on Twitter.

Globin Town, a city not built by goblins

The Goblin Town team’s meager messages indicated that the project has nothing to do with a small village founded by goblins. But looking back at the success of the NFT Goblin Town collection, we’d say there are a few goblin gifted individuals behind it.

Otherwise, the team is very good at detecting a breach in the NFT market. There is also no shortage of resources to stand out in the sector where enthusiasts of solid smart contracts, clear roadmaps, etc. abound.

However, the current market context does not allow such genius in such a short time and effort. Is it due to a strong interest in novelties? We can’t deny that many of the collectors won’t hesitate to use original non-fungible tokens to stand out.

What about other Goblin Town projects?

His short-term goal is to troll anyone who thinks the Mutant Apes, Bored Apes Yacht Club, Clone X, Moonbirds, and Invisible Friends are serious collectibles. In short, the company plans to shake up prejudice around NFTs” blue chip and leave its mark on the world of NFTs.

If you go to the Goblin Town site, you will quickly see that even the appearance lacks care. Provided that the initiators of this project have thought about improvements in this area. You will also see there that they have not taken the time to make a fan base loyal and strong community. Their advantage lies in the free minted NFTs.

However, there is reason to say that Goblin Town is an anti-NFT project. Its originality certainly contributed to its staggering success. Soon we expect the emergence of similar projects given the effectiveness of their approach.

Source: DappRadar

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