Men without a tie but with earrings in hotel school, it is the fault of the wokism for Le Point

In a study by the prestigious EHL hotel school in Lausanne, which trains the luxury leaders of tomorrow, Le Point is surprised by the absence of ties and the presence of earrings on these gentlemen. The ability to scream about wokism.

Welcome to the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, renamed ‘EHL Hospitality Business School’ a few months ago and named the best school in the world in its category in the QS World University Rankings for the fourth consecutive year “, to write Point in an article from the May 22, 2022 issue, freshly shared online. In its research around this establishment that trains the future leaders of the luxury industry, one clothing item confuses the magazine: ” The school campus where the tie is no longer mandatory ‘, he writes from the third paragraph.

If it was just a passing comment it might be anecdotal, but the media can’t resist the urge to elaborate a few lines further:

“A few months ago, EHL experienced a small palace revolution. Certain rules of the ‘Guide to Professional Appearance’ – this breviary distributed to all students seemed immutable – have changed with the times. Wearing a tie, which is considered too gender related, is no longer mandatory. Likewise, male earrings (if discreet) are now tolerated, but socks and corduroy remain banned. “We’re talking more about the gender issue,” welcomes Mr. Laurent. EHL, in turn, seems to have succumbed to soft wokism† Recently, a “Diversity and Inclusion” course has been offered and religious symbols, “if they don’t hide the eyes and the smile”, are now allowed. †

Men without a tie but with earrings: “soft wokism”?

Personally, I would have preferred to welcome the decision to ban healthy visible socks (nothing uglier than supposedly invisible socks that protrude from the neckline of moccasins, in my opinion, but it’s very subjective, I’ll admit). Or lamented the ban on corduroy (because it can be chic, I love corduroy!). But nothing works, the magazine prefers to protest against the fact that the tie is no longer mandatory and that the earrings are now tolerated on the lobes of these gentlemen, oulala. Stupor and tremor Point who therefore reads a symptom of it soft wokism

You know, this thing where the far right (as well as some of what still thinks the left…) speaks as a threat to the entire West, but no one takes the time to define (except dictionaries Robert and laroussefrom now on).

Everyone is afraid of the great evil awake, even present in the clothes

Faced with this irrational moral panic, the essayist Alex Mahoudeau has just written an accessible and beneficial book, to put the dots on the i’s and the line in place, as explained on the back cover:

“Born out of the anti-racist struggles of African Americans in the 1950s, it then took on a positive meaning: that of ‘wake up’, politically aware. But it is now used pejoratively to attack any form of commitment against discrimination† For its opponents, the so-called “awakened ideology” would be a new avatar of “political correctness” or “culture cancelation” and would infiltrate the centers of power, from the media to the big business, encouraging a deconstruction of the world through the mouth of a radicalized generation. †

La Panique Awakened, Anatomy of a Reactionary Offensiveby Alex Mahoudeau

In short, while the Point suffocated by the absence of a tie and the appearance of earrings on male lobes, one wonders how nil is the public debate that tries so much to binarize the dress style of these gentlemen and ladies. Because above all, they should not be confused, otherwise it would be the end of civilization. Horror and damnation, women already wear pants. But let’s not ask the opinion of the Point at this point he would be quite a form of ” hard wokism

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