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A new data school was born: the Albert School. The establishment, which will open its doors at the beginning of the 2022 academic year, is already attracting renowned investors, such as Xavier Niel. We tell you all about this new kind of school founded by Grégoire Genest.

Data professions are becoming increasingly attractive to high school students, as well as companies looking for talent capable of handling ever-increasing data flows. The Albert School was born from this observation. Asked by AFP, its founder, Grégoire Genest said: ” Knowing how to speak Python, one of today’s great programming languages, is becoming a necessity for executives, just as speaking English was for generations past.

Albert: a hybrid school between finance and data

Albert distinguishes itself as a hybrid higher education institution. It will issue a bac+5 level diploma. Among the courses offered, we will find topics previously reserved for business schools: finance, marketing, strategy, etc. These notions are essential to train the hybrid executives and managers that companies need.

Naturally, a large part of the courses will be devoted to data and their exploitation. This will even represent 50% of the course. Albert’s students are therefore entitled to lessons about mathematics, coding or data processing.

The Albert School bachelor’s and master’s program

Immediately after your baccalaureate degree, you can start at Albert for the bachelor Business & Data, which you can complete in three years. Within this program you will therefore receive more general courses on the aforementioned topics: topics that are more related to business (finance, etc.) and that are more related to data (coding, etc.).

You can choose to continue your education and obtain a bac+5 diploma with the Albert School brand. You have the option to choose one of the four courses offered by the school: Entrepreneurship, Blockchain & Web3, Finance & AI or Marketing & AI. Here too, Albert gets the best out of each of the business and digital disciplines.

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Exceptional partners for Albert School

Grégoire Genest assures us that the courses will be taught by laymen from French and international Grandes Ecoles. In particular, he cites Polytechnique, HEC, ENS and even the prestigious American University Stanford.

In addition, to create this establishment, Grégoire Genest has joined forces with major investors. The most iconic is Xavier Niel, the founder of Iliad and Free. The businessman is not on his first try and clearly shows his interest in the world of data and IT as he created the 42 school and Hectar before Albert. But this is not Grégoire Genest’s only partner in this adventure. He can also count on Pierre-Édouard Stérin, emlyon graduate and founder of Smartbox, who is also a shareholder in the school.

Among the business partners there are big names such as LVMH, Blackrock, Iliad, of course, IBM, Luko or even Spendesk. With the Albert School, Grégoire Genest wants to bring together large groups and startups, and bring them together ” aspiring to the emergence of a “data literate” generation.

Albert School: school start planned for September 2022

Albert will open its doors at the start of the 2022 academic year. The campus will cover 2,500 m² and will be located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. The first class will consist of about sixty students. They therefore start training in an institution that aims to be a school of excellence, named after Albert Einstein, the great genius of the last century.

Albert School Admission Process and Tuition

How much does a year at Albert School cost? Grégoire Genest specifies that tuition will be the same as that of a traditional business school. However, the establishment founder points out that social openness is one of his concerns. He wants to build a school that is accessible to everyone. For example, students can only pay tuition fees once they have started working.

As for the admission process, the school’s website states that it is done online and in three stages. The first is a cognitive game. Of course, the academic record will be taken into account later. Finally, a so-called “human” interview will conclude this process. Then you know if you have been admitted to the Albert School!

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