School. Parents decided to “no longer be silent”

Julien Claudey takes his words and “wants to lift a taboo that has lasted too long in the village. » (© Cedric Perrier)

A few parents chose to break the silence by filing a complaint against a teacher from Clairvaux-les-Lacs for assaulting their child, who was then 5 years old. Two years later, the teacher auditioned.

Two years later. Exactly 26 months. This is the time it took for the principal and teacher of the public school in Clairvaux-les-Lacs be heard by the police. On Tuesday, January 4, he auditioned to answer allegations of assault against a student who was 5 years old at the time of the incident.

On September 2, 2019, Luca* returns to the third year of the Grande Section on kindergarten from Clairvaux-les-Lacs. Very soon he doesn’t want to go to school anymore, he has nightmares, sleeps with a wooden shield, doesn’t want to draw or color anymore. Most importantly, he comes home after pooping on him. Signs that warn parents.

On a Friday night, just a few weeks after the start of the 2019 school year, Luca warns that he doesn’t want to go to school anymore. “The next day he tells us that he is afraid and that he is afraid of his new teacher,” recalls Julien Claudey, the father. The parents inform the school and ask: an appointment with the principal of the school.

“From Monday evening he received us for almost 45 minutes to reassure us about our son. At the end of the interview we even had a doubt on the words of our child. But our intuition, not to mention that other incidents in Cogna and Doucier had been told about this teacher, led us to pick up our child from school,” continues Julien, a nurse.

The investigation continues

When prosecutor Lionel Pascal confirms that the director of the school has been heard, he indicates that “the investigations are ongoing and that the investigation continues. In addition, no judicial control prohibits the teacher from practicing his profession today.

On November 15, 2019, Luca is officially no longer a member of the staff of the public school of Clairvaux-les-Lacs. After meeting the Intermunicipal school association (Sivos), “the request for an exemption for mistreatment of the teacher will be accepted within 48 hours”. Luca is then welcomed a few kilometers away at the school of Pont-de-Poitte where everything is going well. That’s where the story could have ended.

Different testimonials teachers, specialized territorial agents of kindergartens (Atsem) but also former students talk about a man who easily gets carried away,” continues the father.

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Young Luca* was removed from the public school in Clairvaux-les-Lacs a few weeks after the start of the 2019 school year.
Young Luca* was removed from the public school in Clairvaux-les-Lacs a few weeks after the start of the 2019 school year.

If something prefer to be silent and moving on, Luca’s parents then think of the children that will follow. They decide to file a complaint on December 20, 2019, assisted by a lawyer. Their file is supported: dates of the proceedings, letters sent to the elected officials, to the prosecutor, to the public school, to the recreation center, to the mayor, to the academy superintendent, letter from the doctor specifying about the Luca at the time of the events: “… every night loss of cleanliness and insomnia. Fear of going to school was verbally and physically abused by an adult. †

Julien Claudey, repeating his testimony, says: “We auditioned, so did our son. Then the procedure falls into complete containment. the gendarmes are monitoring travel exemptions within a kilometer. The Deputy Inspector of the Jura Academy told us he couldn’t do anything until there was a conviction. According to him, it is not up to the academic inspectorate to look for information, but to us to provide it. The only one who listened to us was the former inspector of the academy of the arrondissement of Saint-Claude, now transferred to Réunion”.

If other parents of students have joined the Claudey’s approach, the topic remains taboo. “The testimony of one of the teacher’s relatives in his private life has also confirmed our concerns. We think it’s about a few dozen children, it’s been going on for more than fifteen years, we’re not going to reveal anything, everyone here knows about it. We hope he stops practicing while he exposes the omerta in national education,” Julien laments. Luca was followed for a year by a neuropsychologist.

Contacted, the teacher did not respond to our requests. In addition, several sources confirm that the director of the school is now on extended leave.

* assumed first name

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