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Thirty years old: the age of maturity! At the end of 2021, the youngest of the major French management schools celebrated this anniversary with a series of innovations, both in terms of its programs and its research, and with the support of its students. The whole waters the three pillars of the school, namely the international, responsible and innovative dimensions.

An ever-expanding multidisciplinary and hybrid dimension

The concept of ‘unframed thinking’, the motto of Rennes SB, is closely related to the hybridization of skills. “To train tomorrow’s managers in a complex world, it is necessary to go outside the box of management, in favor of courses largely open to societal innovation,” explains Élodie Huré, director of the Grande École Program (PGE), off. Therefore, from their first year, students are invited to choose one of three course colors that reflect one of the three major challenges facing our organizations and societies: major societal prisms: environment, geopolitics, and technology/cybersecurity. Lessons taught in the 2nd year by “curiosity packs”, in geopolitics, artificial intelligence, data science, entrepreneurship, design, eco-innovation… Hybridization at Rennes SB is also based on innovative partnerships. There are 44 majors that students can choose from in their senior year. They can go on to one of the 14 double-degree masters offered by the school, such as the MSc in Creative Project Management, Culture & Design opened with the École des Beaux-Arts de Bretagne or the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with Insa Reindeer. This year also marks the signing of a dual engineer-manager degree agreement with IMT Atlantique and Isen. As well as a double certification at the Institute of Comparative Philosophy.

This multidisciplinarity is also driven by an impactful research policy, marked in March 2022 by the creation of the Center for Unframed Thinking (CUT), the world’s first institute for advanced studies located in a business school. In particular, the CUT places ecology, environmental and energy sciences and technological studies at the heart of its scientific program. 2022 also saw the creation of the Rennes Métropole Chair “Operational Models and Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Management”, which will be added to the two chairs already in place, in Geopolitics and Cyber ​​​​risk governance.

A boost in working with studying thanks to the opening of the Paris campus

At the start of the 2021 academic year, Rennes SB opened a 1,500 m2 campus in the heart of the capital. An extension that doubles the range of PGE learning-work trajectories. “Through this campus, we are going to offer three new masters of this type: International Finance, Strategy and Digital Marketing and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, with revised models to adopt a skills-based approach,” Élodie Huré specifies. Courses added to the three already offered in Rennes: Manager of Innovative Projects, Digital and Business Management and Retail and Business Development. A new location that should also make life easier for working students, many of whom have a contract in the Paris region.

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, Rennes SB will offer a total of 850 learn-work contracts, twice as many as in 2020-2021. In PGE, this formula is possible from PGE2 to fill in M1 and M2 alternately or only in PGE3, after PGE2 in the classic format and a “company” gap year (optional). Rennes SB is one of the few Grandes Ecoles of management that allows working students to complete a significant portion of this course abroad.

International, at the heart of Rennes SB DNA

The international dimension permeates the entire student experience at Rennes SB, a school with three AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditations. All PGE students spend time abroad and 100% of classes are in English in M1 and M2. More than half of the 5,000 students are international, while 95% of the 100 permanent professors are foreign.

This strong multicultural experience offered to these students on site is accompanied by countless opportunities for internships and academic exchanges around the world, thanks to more than 360 partner universities. Of the 80 elective courses offered by the PGE, students have the option of taking 11 double degrees abroad. “New this year: a new course in Limerick (Ireland), as well as 11 new exchange agreements,” notes Élodie Huré. Ultimately, more than 60% of Rennes SB’s 25,000 alumni work in positions related to the international and a third are based abroad. †

“The personal development of our students is central to us, especially in these post-covid times. †

“In this year in which we are emerging from the health crisis, we are paying extra attention to the personal development of our students. First, by encouraging them more than ever to participate or re-engage in community life. On campus, we have established clubs such as He for She, for gender equality, or Alumni, aimed at increasing interaction between current and former students. Through our Learning by Serving system, students can now choose to join one or more local associations. At the same time, we have strengthened student support through our ‘Feel Good’ system. Three people committed to the well-being of students carry out actions aimed at people with psychosocial problems, but also more general (prevention campaigns against harassment, sexism, etc.). For maximum inclusion, we increased the number of grants and strengthened our teams of educational referees. explains Elodie Huré, director of the PGE.

A school at the top of national and international rankings

• 10th among post-preparatory business schools for Le Parisien 2022 ranking.

• 24th in the 2021 world ranking (+ 5 places) (and 8th in France) by the Financial Times for the MSc in International Finance.

• The Rennes SB PGE is 1st in the 12th MOCI 2021 list of Initial Training in International Trade in its category.

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