Press and media week at school

This week aims to help students, from kindergarten to high school: understand the media system, form their critical judgment, develop their taste for current events and forge their identities as citizens.

Registered teachers of primary, higher and secondary education, together with their students, participate in this operation organized by the Center for Media and Information Education (CLEMI). This 33rd edition, an event that is part of the French Presidency of the European Union, will contribute to the development of a European dimension.

Learn to understand the world

To understand the world around them, more than ever, students must learn to inform themselves through critical thinking. This theme of the SPME thus makes it possible to return to the foundations of media and information literacy: distinguishing the different sources, understanding the context of production and dissemination of information, knowing the uses and effects of images, know how to deconstruct stereotypes.

At the Academy of Lyon

This year, a large number of schools and educational institutions are mobilizing for this 33rd edition of the press and media week at school.

At the International School Complex – Lyon (69)

Under the guidance of their documentalist teacher and a history and geography teacher, first-year students take part in the front page competition organized by the CLEMI of Créteil.

In high school Aristide Briand – Saint-Etienne (42)

All students can take part in a “giant press quiz”. To pass this quiz, they must find all the answers in the magazines present at the CDI.

During the Morality and Social Education (EMC) course, a session is devoted to journalism (what is the role of the journalist? How does he work? How does he collect information and how does he report from notion of impartiality versus committed press) and during the course Frans on the differences between writing a press article and writing a novel.

At the EREA (Regional Institution for Adapted Education) – Sorbiers (42)

Two classes will attend the intervention of Mr. Frédéric Prou, radio, TV and written press journalist. A renewed experience, after last year’s success.

Mr. Prou ​​will be presenting at the CDI on what journalism and the profession of journalist is in relation to the theme of “informing to understand the world”.

At the Hippolyte Carnot school complex – Roanne (42)

After reflecting on the behavior of young people with regard to information, fake news, sources, use of social networks, the Vice President for Culture of the Community of Municipalities of the agglomeration of Roanne created this year, together with the elected officials and on an experimental basis a journalist residence for two general second grades of Carnot high school.

A journalist from the collective “We Report” based in Villeurbanne, Pierre Gouyou-Beauchamps, was contacted to educate the students about information and the media.

The project is co-led by two French teachers and a history geography teacher who has both classes, as well as the librarian who initiated the project.

This residency began on December 15, 2021 and will end on March 28, 2022 with the production of a pastiche of a 19th century newspaper in digital version that will be visible on the establishment’s ENT website.

On the program are interventions on photojournalism, the genres of journalism, writing an article, identifying fake news… a feature article, interviews, an investigation based on two common themes in French and in geography / EMC: migration and old age .

The students worked from the various magazines, documentaries present at the CDI as well as with the “Press Wall”.

Fake News Exhibition: Art, Fiction, Lies

The Canopé network, in collaboration with the CLEMI (connection center for education and information media), is organizing from March 21 to 25 the exhibition Fake News: art, fiction, lies at the Edmond Labbé vocational school in Oullins.

Discover the digital exhibition:

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