Murder at school foiled: ‘I’m lucky I’m still here’

As he left the courtroom in the Youth Chamber, Ludovic (fictitious name) couldn’t help but think of the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, which took place this week.

Me, I had the chance to still be there, right now, to talk to you.

A quote from Ludovico

Faced with overwhelming evidence from police, two of the four young people involved in the conspiracy pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and death threats.

The Youth Chamber today imposed 12 and 15-month probation on two 16-year-olds who admitted to planning a mass shooting.

Nine months have passed since the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) foiled a plot to carry out a mass shooting at her high school in the Saint-Michel neighborhood. Ludovic is in post-traumatic shock.

The past few months have been very tough psychologically. Going to school alone hurt. I was always in hypervigilance mode. I was always afraid of being attacked from behind. I was concerned about the mere presence of people I didn’t know muchconfessed to the teenager who was targeted for being shot dead in class.

Now 16, he says he sees a psychologist regularly to rebuild his social skills. However, the road is winding.

It will be a phase where I rebuild myself. The question is how do I get back into my social circles. How I will manage my human relations. Above all, it will take some timehe added.

The police investigation began last summer after investigators received information about four 15-year-olds planning to commit a massacre inspired by the 1999 Columbine shootings in the United States, which left 15 dead and 24 injured at a high school.

The evidence showed that the group, trying to arm itself, planned to start fires to create a panic move to shoot randomly fleeing students.

The quartet’s plan was foiled by the SPVM at the start of the school year.

On September 5, we get a call from the police because they have reason to believe there are threats against our son. It was my husband who went with him to the detectives. We were presented with the facts. It was a shock to think that people had given themselves the right to take our child from us by plotting his murder.said Ludovic’s mother, still shocked by the events.

Much of the evidence was shown to the teen’s parents. The premeditated element was obvious, according to the mother of the targeted teen.

It’s heart-pounding to watch this whole plan minute by minuteshe added.

Private text messages revealed that the group had bought an anarchist book about starting fires and making pipe bombs. In addition, they discussed the idea of ​​buying acoustic devices to play loud music during their firearms massacre.

Ludovic’s father believes their son is still alive because one of the four accomplices decided to confess. Without this last-minute declaration, the worst would have happened.

He lives because it failed. We are happy with the process. But we transpose to the parents there [à Uvalde] with a situation that is unreal. I have TV in my office for work. Every time it comes to putting pressure on me here [au cœur]† We relive the shockcalled the father of the family.

Sanctions aimed at social rehabilitation

I Mathieu Farazandeh, who represents the two teenagers who admitted their guilt, says the sentences imposed respect the case law for similar crimes.

The lawyer assures that the two teenagers, now 16 years old, have become aware of the scope of their actions. The risk of recurrence is minimal, he said.

In the circumstances here, there are regrets from my clients and an interrogation that has taken placethe lawyer noted briefly.

As for the representative of the Director of Criminal and Criminal Prosecutions, me Joanie Trudel, she affirms that the awareness of the two co-defendants opens the door to social rehabilitation.

We really want young people to take responsibility and fully realize the impact of their actions on the victims.Mr. Trudel remarked.

Before receiving their sentences, the two teens refused to address the youth ward or the victim they targeted.

The other two alleged accomplices will be charged in October.

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