Monaco: welcome to the virtual worlds of the Metaverse

Nearly two hundred pioneers of the virtual worlds of the Metaverse (investors, designers, architects, business leaders, etc.) attended the Meta Entertainment World in Monaco on Monday and Tuesday. A first show entirely devoted to the Metaverse, which made it possible to confront the technologies involved, present the uses and find the opportunities for monetization.

Web3, Metaverse and innovation, the Metaverse experience, NFTs, blockchain, possible earnings with Metaverse, virtual fashion: these are some of the themes of the conferences that highlighted Meta Entertainment World, the first show dedicated to this new parallel universe, digital twin of the physical world. Organized by Advance Monaco (the company of Steven Saltzmanwhich notably launched the Monegasque Top Marques fairs), brought to the Hôtel Hermitage, Monday and Tuesday, nearly two hundred hand-picked metaverse pioneers (business leaders, investors, designers, architects, designers, makers of simulated and enhanced hybrid universes. ..) .(Photo DR: Frédéric Genta -right-, inter-ministerial delegate for the attractiveness and digital transition of Monaco and Steven Saltzman, the organizer of the show).

A concentrate of real-time video games, blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality…

Also the chance to learn a little more about the Metaverse that is at the heart of Web3, heralded as a new era of the digital age and supposed to re-decentralize the Internet that is today monopolized by the giant players that are Gafam. Founder of Orbis Holographics, a startup incubated by LVMH, Yvan Touami explains that it is a real-time world where anyone can interact with others wherever they are.

If this permanent interconnection isn’t new in itself (it’s long been found in teens’ favorite games like Roblox or Minecraft, for example), blockchain adds security to data transactions and exchanges, be it for art or money, while new NFT and cryptocurrency technologies are also integrated into the metaverse. As for augmented reality, it bridges the gap between the virtual and the real world. New hybrid universes that we find in Decentraland or in The Sand Box and that we can access through our PC or through virtual reality headsets if we want more immersion.

Bridges between real and virtual worlds

As explained Laurent Montrozier, Commercial Director, Orbis, with its holograms and augmented reality, wants to bring the virtual back to the real world and tries to position itself in the metaverse market as a bridge between the real and virtual world through different solutions. †One is “automated avatarization”.

“We have the technical possibility to create an avatar of yourself in 20 minutes that is ready to be used in the metaverses and with which you can immediately teleport. Likewise, we give the possibility to bring all digital assets into one environment through the media potentially allowing direct interaction, from your “bed”, without having to wear glasses, and to engage in dialogue with the metaverse for the presentation of an NFT, or the setting in direct relationship between a virtual avatar and yourself.”

WTM photo: Laurent Montrozier in one of the holograms from Orbis Holographics.

A welcome fair in Monaco

As for the organizer of the show, Steven Saltzman, he is convinced that the metaverse will start a new digital epic that the younger generations, fed with video games, are already holding on to. On this path he is well supported by his wife Caroline Jauss, blockchain specialist for Deloitte Switzerland. In Monaco he found an excellent listening ear, with Frederick Ghent, Monaco’s new inter-ministerial delegate for attractiveness and digital transition, who opened this first MEW (Meta Entertainment Word) and shows Monegasque ambitions in these new areas.

A show that started in Monaco and aims to spread to other ‘hype’ destinations such as Dubai, Singapore and Miami and which we should see a bigger comeback in the Principality.

Photo DR: The NFT Monkeys were there.

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