Death of the novelist Claude Michelet, pillar of the school of Brive (Corrèze)

The news was confirmed by the family on Thursday, May 26, 2022: a few days before his 84th birthday, the novelist Claude Michelet died overnight in his house in the hamlet of Marcillac (Corrèze), a few kilometers from Brive.

Here he was born in 1938. Claude Michelet, son of the resistant and minister of General de Gaulle Edmond Michelet, had given up his studies in Paris to devote himself to agriculture.

An inspiration that never left her: her first novel, in 1965 (The Earth That Remains), stands out for its visionary character. Only against all does a farmer refuse to sell his land for housing projects or uranium mining.

Farmer by day, writer by night

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Farmer by day, writer by night, Claude Michelet went on to publish and in 1972 received the prize for writers who fought for a book about his childhood memories (My father Edmond Michelet

A few years later, after the publication of a new trilogy, People of Saint Liberal, he took part in the creation of what is called the school of Brive, with Michel Peyramaure, Christian Signol, Gilbert Bordes… “The invention of a journalist, rediscovered by Robert Laffont”, he noted in 2015. The regions have so obtained their noble letters.

The success of the novel From thrushes to wolves

But the real success of Claude Michelet will be related to the history of the Vialhe family, From thrushes to wolvesin four books that follow five generations of farmers in a fictional village in Corrèze, between the end of the 19th and the middle of the 20th century.

When the first volume was released, more than a million copies were sold. The novels will then be adapted into a popular television series.

Author of some thirty books, awarded several literary prizes, Claude Michelet had been more discreet in recent years. At the Brive Book Fair 2015 he drew rough formworka book in which he laid down his impressions, his bitterness: “Warning, these are not my memories, but memories”.

During his writing career, Claude Michelet received support from his wife, Bernadette. “I wouldn’t have done anything without her.”

“Les Indomitables”, a fictional bio of the Michelet couple in the dark hours of the resistance in Brive (Corrèze)

Eric Porte

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