24 hours in the life of a TikTok employee

The GAFAMs and big companies like Tesla, Netflix or AirBnb always make young graduates dream. After showing the daily life of a Google employee, discover the typical day of a TikTok employee.

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks. It attracts a lot of young people thanks to the system of short videos and an algorithm that should ” know you better than you “. It is undergoing strong expansion, so much so that Microsoft wanted to buy it for a while. It is developing on new activities such as shopping or food delivery soon.

Such a universe and the promise of a relaxed work environment inevitably drew young graduates quickly to the gates of TikTok. But what is hidden behind the scenes of society? Business Cool reveals the typical day of a social network employee.

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TikTok: high-tech building designed for employees

It is thanks to the user and employee of TikTok Alex Carvalho, Client Solutions Manager, that we can dive behind the scenes of the American antenna of the social network. Notably, he made a video showcasing the offices, starting with the reception area and the giant wall on which TikTok videos circulate throughout the day.

Naturally, the business premises consist of open workspaces, where everyone can work wherever they want. Nevertheless, there are many places dedicated to the well-being of the employees, starting with the very famous table football, billiards, but also a fully equipped gym. It is divided into three areas: the bodybuilding part, the cardio part and the yoga studio. In addition, there are of course showers and changing rooms.

But that is not everything ! Several interactive screens are scattered throughout the TikTok grounds, where one can also enjoy amphitheaters, parks, lounge chairs and benches and a cafeteria offering many free drinks and snacks such as crisps, fruits, etc. .

Finally, of course, TikTok has a huge studio that hosts celebrities and influencers. There is a room with a green background, an editing studio, a room dedicated to make-up and a large lounge where guests can wait in a warm atmosphere. They can also enjoy snacks, as well as state-of-the-art consoles.

@alexcarvs Have you been to the TikTok studio? Shoutout to @gqpac Music For a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles

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The typical day of a TikTok employee

In one of his videos, Alex Carvalho also shows us what the typical day of a social network employee looks like. Like most employees, he starts his day with a trip to the cafeteria to enjoy a drink courtesy of TikTok before taking a seat in one of the open spaces off the building.

After the lunch break, Alex Carvalho goes back to work in the many private spaces available to the company’s employees. At the end of the day, he takes the opportunity to have a drink with his colleagues in one of the food trucks that TikTok has brought to the property. This employee of the company also explains that it regularly organizes events of this type to allow its employees to experience informal moments.

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How to work at TikTok?

In one of his other videos, Alex Carvalho explains how to join the company. In particular, he indicated that, in view of the rapid expansion of the social network, many vacancies are offered every year. At the company’s French branch alone, there are no fewer than 22 vacancies in areas as diverse as sales, products and marketing.

The hiring process is quite traditional and all you need to do is submit your resume and cover letter directly from the website before hoping for an interview. And if you don’t know how to write the perfect cover letter, we have an item made for you!

Alex Carvalho explains how he managed to work at TikTok. For his part, he made use of his network. Networking is a very powerful weapon to find a job. Before applying, he checked LinkedIn to see if there were any graduates from his university in the ranks of the social network. He contacted a graduate and asked for her recommendation. It encourages you to write all your relations who work at TikTok directly on Linkedin.

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