Yannick Jadot’s school is the anti-Macron school

When presenting his program for the school on March 21, Yannick Jadot, the environmental candidate, took a particular stand against Emmanuel Macron’s project. An opposition at the bottom, about values, about the budget. He wants to “fix” the damage of Macron’s five-year term to give a school “of the head, heart and hand” a chance. He promises massive hires, salary increases and a rift in the school’s accounting management. So many balms on leather wounds. It remains to be seen whether the candidate’s educational project, which envisions a revision of the school rhythm, will appeal to teachers.

The Anti-Macron Candidate

“Today in the outgoing candidate’s speech there is a dramatic lack of recognition of the often heroic nature in which the entire education community has worked to confront the pandemic … This is the Excel table model that derailed the public hospital and our children suffer. Extending into schools an accounting, private logic of competition today threatens the unity of the nation. It is irresponsible to play parents against teachers,” said Y Jadot, who told E Macron during his speech will tackle. “To change we need reconciliation: we need to reduce tensions in the school.”

Fix the school setting

What Y Jadot offers is a school “of the head, heart and hand”, a school where the students flourish, “a school of individual and collective emancipation”.

But how to do it? First you have to “fix” says Y Jadot. “We can only transform the school if we fix the institution. This is the absolute priority”. For this, the candidate pledges 4.5 billion a year to increase teachers’ salaries by 20%, recruit 65,000 teachers, 2,000 doctors, 3,000 nurses, 1,000 social workers, and increase AESH’s salary. For the Educational Café, this effort would amount to more than 4.5 billion and this budget seems uncertain. To resolve the issue of teacher replacement, Y Jadot plans to strengthen TZR’s positions.

The second phase of the Jadot plan is an extensive consultation “the outcome of which would not be written in advance”. It is the method by which the candidate wants to bridge the possible gap between his pedagogical intentions and the views of the teachers while “repairing”

School timetable reform

Because this school of fulfillment requires a reformation of school rhythms. Y Jadot points out that the French school is characterized by many teaching hours on very few days. So it is not so much the holidays that need to be reduced as the number of school days that needs to be increased. It is a perilous exercise that has separated primary school teachers from the Dutch government. Y Jadot would do it differently than F Hollande, starting with upgrading teachers before debating the 5-day week. But the question burns.

Another pedagogy

The pedagogy that Y Jadot wants to develop would also be under discussion: a pedagogy of collaboration and discovery A school “of all knowledge” open to the world and nature, forging partnerships with local associations. “A school where you can learn differently without putting the fundamentals against practical knowledge”. Y Jadot wants to “break with the culture of intensive learning and continuous assessment”. For example, he wants one school trip a year and one trip to Europe in the education of each child. He wants to give great pedagogical autonomy to the teaching teams “and not to the heads of institutions”, “to build interdisciplinarity, but not to turn every branch into a start-up with a manager”.

It is somewhat the education concepts of the Dutch five-year term that are part of the environmental program and the example of PPE comes to the fore in the words of the Y Jadot campaign team.

How can these views be reconciled with the pedagogical freedom of teachers? “It’s a matter of consensus conference,” replies Y Jadot. “I don’t want to vertically impose a change in practices. But it removes the existing brakes.” The consensus conference will address these questions as well as those of the notes.

Ensuring more social diversity

Last major theme of Y Jadot’s program. The environmentalist wants to ensure more social and academic diversity in the education system. “All the studies show that we have one of the toughest allocation systems in the OECD,” he said. To reduce these inequalities between sites, Y Jadot is committed to reviewing site allocations based on their social indicators (and in the opposite direction to current reality). This applies to the private sector under contract as well as to the public. “We want the private sector to do its part and give the public the means to avoid a conflicting ban between what we want for the Republic and what we as parents choose for our children.”

Yannick Jadot is visibly aiming to win back the teaching electorate, which has been deeply disappointed by E Macron. In many ways, the project he presents is based on the break with that of E Macron. It’s at the antipodes. It brings the values ​​teachers are attached to back into the electoral debate. He has the power to respect the beliefs of the teachers and to combine local autonomy with the pedagogical freedom of each teacher. This strength is also its weakness.

Francois Jarraud

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