Master’s degree at university, engineering or trade school… What further studies after a GOAL?

The three-year university bachelor in technology receives recognition thanks to the license degree. A degree that facilitates the pursuit of long studies, especially at university. Discover the range of possibilities that this new diploma offers.

At the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, the BUT (university bachelor of technology) has entered the landscape of undergraduate university courses† This diploma, which is now being drawn up in three years, enjoys the degree of licensure. It succeeds the TU Delft, which was drawn up in two years. The BUT, new bac+3 at the university, therefore allows multiple further studies, both at university and high school.

From DUT to BUT: a more attractive three-year diploma that is part of the LMD scheme

Advantages of this three-year university degree? Firstly, the GOAL re-writes the IUT training in the LMD (license master-doctorate) scheme i.e. three years of study to validate a first university cycle (license), plus two years of study to validate a second university cycle (master) and an additional three years to validate the doctoral training. The LMD system has been controlling French higher education for twenty years in order to bring it in line with European standards.

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Facilitated international recognition and mobility

The BUT in three years (ie after validating six semesters of ECTS credits) will be more recognized in most countries of the European Union than the old DUT in two years. “BUT will gain in attractiveness compared to other European level 5 and 6 formations”, emphasizes Martial Martin, president of the Adiut (Association of Directors of IUT).

Studying in BUT also makes it easier for you to take advantage of international mobility (Erasmus, etc.). An experience abroad will always be a plus on your CV! IUTs have long struggled to support their students in their European mobility. BUT makes it easier for them to enter into international partnerships, organize part of the training abroad or even undertake double degree projects.

A course in 3 years without interim selection

Then the GOAL secures your career as a high school student and then as a student: now with a three year degree you don’t have to go through the caudine forks of a new intermediate selection after two years to enter a professional license. You just need to pass the selection bar to access IUT through the Parcoursup platform during your senior year.

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Get a bac+5 or more in university

Finally the bachelor’s degree with which the BUT diploma is awarded opens the field of possibilities for further studies, especially in academia. The IUTs are already part of the university. Immediately after obtaining your GOAL, you can apply for a UFR (training and research unit) in the first year of a master’s degree (M1) at the university.

Joining a technical school in parallel shooting

Many technical schools are very fond of IUT graduates whom they recruit through parallel admissions. The number of places reserved for IUT graduates differs per school. And not all diploma specialties are admitted. Educate yourself well.

Please note that for most prospective BUT graduates, three years of study should be considered, i.e. the entire cycle of engineering studies. “GOAL then technical school, it is best to take the two courses in their entirety”, believes Martial Martin. “The ideal is therefore to have three years of BUT and three years of engineering training. But on the other hand, we must keep the opportunity for very advanced student profiles, very early and provide all the capacities for success at the end of bac+ 2 that they can technical schools integrate”† The door is therefore not closed for the best BUT students to obtain their engineering degree in five years.

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Join a top business school

Most business schools that deliver a Grande Ecole master’s degree have long diversified their recruitment, which used to be done mainly in preparation. To diversify their audience and increase their numbers, “business schools” recruit at bac+2, bac+3, bac+4… even bac+5 (if you have an engineering degree and want to obtain a manager degree, for example).

Some business schools each organize their own selection, others hold a joint competition. After a bac+3, i.e. a GOAL, you have the opportunity to participate in joint competitions such as Ambition+, Ecricome, Tremplin 2 and Passerelle 2, in order to continue your studies in a management school; or apply directly to the school you are targeting.

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