Magic Johnson: His NFT Collection Releases on NBA Top Shot

Previously, he amazed us with his magical passes and his endless 3-point shots on the NBA floor. Now it will be Magic Johnson’s NFT collection that will amaze us. The coin is scheduled for NBA Top Shot on June 7.

Magic Johnson, the newest athlete to get into NFT?

Magic Johnson’s NFT, which he called ” The Anthology: Magic Johnson will be released on NBA Top Shot on June 7th.

I’m really excited to be working with @nbatopshot to post my first NFTs and bring some of my favorite moments from my career to fans around the world. Fans can see some of my favorite games from my career ‘ he exulted in a tweet on May 23.

An announcement that the NBA Top Shot website has confirmed.

The NFT Collection The Anthology: Magic Johnson consists of 1600 NFT packs featuring moments from Buck’s career. Each pack costs $399.

Here’s a breakdown for prospective buyers:

  • 1,200 parcels are sent by airmail to people with a Top Shot score of at least 150,000;
  • 400 packs are available for free to all buyers, regardless of their score.
Source: NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is on Flow

It should be noted that American sports franchises and athletes have already started using Web3. Which leads some observers to say that Magic Johnson, aka Rawal or EJ the Deejay, was very slow to take the plunge.

Indeed, a former Lakers player, Metta World Peace, has already launched his own collection of NFTs. The theme he chose related to sneakers and the name is ” Metta Design soles For this he had to work with Blanksoles and Solana (SOL).

Furthermore, we note that the marketplace NBA Top Shot is powered by the Flow (FLOW) blockchain. The latter is a blockchain proof of commitment (PoS) dedicated to non-replaceable tokens and cryptocurrency games. The creation by Dapper Labs dates from 2020.

As a result of this partnership, the NBA has taken a number of initiatives to increase fan engagement and interest. Hence the birth of NBAxNFT, an NBA Discord channel conducive to the interaction of NBA fans interested in Web3.

Magic the Wizard of the Lakers

You know Magic Johnson was a retired Lakers player before the launch of the NFT Collection” The Anthology: Magic Johnson

Here is a small overview of his achievements:

  • 5 time NBA champion;
  • 3-time NBA Finals MVP;
  • 3 times NBA MVP;
  • 12-time NBA All-Star;
  • Member of the 75 teamand anniversary of the same competition;
  • And so forth.

Here MVP just means ” Most Valuable Player “. In other words, it is a trophy presented by the National Basketball Association to the most” valuable “. Think again,” most valuable does not mean “best player”. He is the one who achieves impressive stats, who contributed to victories and who made his teammates better on the field.

Furthermore, Magic says that he is satisfied with his performance, at least he did not choose the wrong employee.

I already trust NBA Top Shot. I know how they work. They are always efficient. For me and for them it was clear ‘ he underlined.

The Hall of Fame keeper also sees NFTs as a newly proposed alternative for fans looking to collect a piece from his career. He wants to encourage his old friends (no, he’s not the last to start NFTs) to take the same approach.

Source: The Coin News

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