Integrate a Polytech School after a Techno Baccalaureate

Several technical schools in the Polytech network offer places for technology baccalaureate holders. Some sites work with partner IUTs.

Technical schools open their doors to technology baccalaureate holders. This is especially the case for several establishments in the Polytech network that provide a dedicated access route for STI2D and STL baccalaureate holders (SPCL option) through the Engineering Schools Course (PeiP).

This course was created as part of the AVOSTTI project (Support of scientific and technical professions for the title of engineer), project recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research as part of its future investment program.

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Recruitment through the Geipi Polytech competition

Branches include ENIM Metz, ESGT Le Mans and ESIROI La Réunion baccalaureate holders directly into the school for five years of study. The schools ENIT Tarbes and ENSIBS Lorient-Vannes work together with partner university institutes of technology (IUT).

Six schools in the Polytech network (Angers, Grenoble, Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Orléans) also offer this training in collaboration with the IUTs. For its part, Polytech Lyon offers a modeling course in collaboration with the Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne.

Recruitment is through the Geipi Polytech competition accessible on the Parcoursup platform. For the year 2022, the schools offer a total of 163 places. Candidates do not take written tests, if they are selected in the file, they are called up for a motivation interview.

The oral test does not consist of evaluating the academic level of the student. “We’re going to see if it’s not just a Parcoursup wish but that there is a real project behind it. We will also guide him in the choice of possible specialties in the school,” says Emmanuel Néron, director of Polytech Tours.

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A course in BUT before entering a Polytech technical school

Some students pursue a Bachelor of Technology (BUT) with the school’s partner IUT. After validation of the preparatory course, they can access the first year of the engineering cycle in Polytech schools. They choose the school based on the specialty taken in IUT. Students have the advantage of not having to pass entrance exams for the Grandes Ecoles.

As a reminder, since the start of the 2021 school year, the BUT has replaced the GARDEN. Emmanuel Néron sees this reform in a good light. “Achieving a TU Delft in two years of study was not always easy for STI2D students. They needed a little more time.”

Students follow units of study from the study programs of the relevant BUT. Engineering schools can offer additional modules in areas such as engineering sciences and set up projects in collaboration with IUTs to prepare them for admission to Polytech engineering schools. Polytech engineering students also organize tutoring for ONLY students.

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A successful integration for technology baccalaureate holders

Josik is a second year engineering student at Polytech Nantes. After a baccalaureate STD at the Jean Perrin secondary school in Rezé (44) he seized the opportunity to follow this training. “Joining IUT was a deliberate choice. It wasn’t necessarily. I wanted to specialize in code and development. So I had an interview last year to show my motivation to join the Polytech network,” he explains.

The place given to the practical dimension during the two years of TU Delft greatly interested the young student. “The course was very comprehensive. It took a lot of work for me because I didn’t have much programming experience in high school. For example, from the first weeks of classes we had to set up a project in C language. In two years I have learned a lot of things.”

Josik encountered no particular problems when he joined Polytech Nantes. “I think I’ve built a very solid foundation in computer science. It was maybe a little harder in math, but nothing insurmountable.”

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