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The Elrond blockchain (EGLD) integrates new projects into its ecosystem. Central to this is bridging the gap between the second and third phases of the Internet. Elrond thus continues its expansion in decentralized finance (DeFi) and in Web3.

Beniamin Mincu gives us an outline of what Elrond is planning for the development of its ecosystem

Web3 trend integration projects with Elrond

Elrond strives to develop its ecosystem, it is about to become a large blockchain that stands out thanks to its projects. The National Bank of Portugal has authorized UTRUST to operate as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in the European Union. This expands the capabilities of the Web3 payments leader, including digital asset custody and exchange services, as well as inter-wallet transfers. These new features and integrations only increase the development of the ecosystem.

Holoride, for its part, works with Audi, Porsche, HTC, Disney, Universal and many other major companies. With the aim of bringing the metaverse into every car. With it comes a creative economy, powered by internet-scale blockchain technology.

To turn the metaverse into data-driven exploration, Itheum creates NFMe Data Avatars. The realization of this digital property is done through Elrond’s blockchain technology. Anyone can own their data using huge values. NFMe Data Avatars create an environment of productivity, imagination and culture.

ZoidPay combines purchases and decentralized financial (DeFi) integrations. He is leading the web3 revolution in financial services with crypto payments on Amazon, eBay or Walmart, and his own store in the metaverse. The user experience is unique, innovative and personalized.

Cathena Kgniths received a federal grant from the German government to promote the Play-to-Earn model. This is a new implementation of Web3 mechanics that emphasizes the fun of playing. Cathena Kgniths is revolutionizing the everyday gaming session by better combining blockchain technology with gaming experiences.

Elrond innovates through specific projects

According to Benjamin Mincu, this is only a first draft and the Elrond ecosystem preserves others projects even more exciting. AshSwap builds the first stable DEX exchange, with an internet-scale shard architecture. The benefits of the ESDT standard are integrated at the heart of the Elrond protocol. Compared to regular AMM models, such as those used in Maiar DEX or Uniswap, AshSwap allows users to have a better rate while trading between assets with the same prices.

Resourceful ecosystem builders mobilize the community to build together in the Elrond Developers Guild tool and play together in the egld.gg Gaming Guild. This is the very first Web3 game guild in the Elrond ecosystem. It’s a game that incorporates movement Play to earn that brings together gaming, education, investment and asset lending communities in one place. In addition, Elrond players can earn rewards, get early access to the latest and most popular games, socialize and most importantly have fun.

Also, the NFT market brings a lot of growth, experimentation and excitement to the Elrond community. We can Trust Market NFT, Dead Rare NFT, etc. There are also many NFT games and some of them have large communities including Super Rare Bears, Elrond Apes, The Aquaverse, Battle of Node NFT and many more.


The Elrond ecosystem is full of exciting and relevant projects. Thanks to numerous collaborations, it continues to grow. Good products developed by manufacturers promote the growth of blockchain in Web3, metaverse and NFTs. Soon, a host of innovative projects should transform today’s internet.

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