A newly renovated primary school in Jolis-Prés

Less than a month after the end of the school year, students of the sixth year of the Jolis-Prés primary school in the Laterrière sector in Saguenay were able to discover a newly renovated school on Tuesday.

Work worth $3.5 million has made it possible to rejuvenate a 1988 building. One of the new features is a cloakroom at the entrance of the students to avoid having to hang their coats in the hallways and, similarly, around the hallway floors with their wet boots. There’s also a creative lab, classroom collaboration spaces, benches in the main hallway, giant touchscreen monitors in the classrooms, and plant panels on the walls.

The central space is called the “learning crossroads” and is a very well lit space. It calms children with a soothing atmosphere. There is a wooden platform, comfortable cushions and round tables.

“I had seen it before. It wasn’t really a nice school. But it’s really nicely done there,” a sixth-grade student, Guillaume Bouchard, told TVA Nouvelles.

“It’s bigger. It’s nicer. It’s more high school. It’s less school for the little ones. I really like the decoration. The style is calm,” added Anne-Julie Dupont, another sixth grade student .

Amélie Gignac, also a student, noticed a big change with the old building. “It has really changed. It was old, but this is really new.

Jérémie Fitzmoritz loves the Learning Commons. “It’s nice. I think it’s very luxurious. For reading and sometimes talking with friends. I don’t know if you noticed, but there are enough comfortable pillows. And we can feel comfortable.” Julie Turcotte , a sixth-grade teacher, believes this space will bring a new dynamic: “The Learning Commons allows us to merge different classes. So that we can learn together.”

Since the beginning of the school year, during the 11-month work, the students of the sixth grade have been in temporary classes at the other school in Laterrière, Notre-Dame, with the children of the first cycle of primary school.

Julie Turcotte appreciated their reaction when they saw them return to their school, especially since their classroom at Notre Dame was a converted former staff lounge. “They were all amazed to see the collaborative spaces. The learning community. lockers. The classes how big it is because we go from the staff lounge to such a nice class.

Jérémie Fitzmoritz was happy to finish his primary in “new”. “I am pleased that the teachers and the headmistress of the school have thought of us. We are lucky enough to end our year here.”

Guillaume Bouchard is delighted to return to his school. “We were in the little ones’ school. But that’s where we find our regular school. We are in a school for adults there.

Julie Turcotte believes that this renovation will enable teachers to work differently for the benefit of children.

“It gives the taste of a semi-flexible classroom. To have a different way of working. That students can do workshops, work in teams. They will be more active in their learning process. They are going to question each other. Stimulate their thinking and invest more in their learning.”

For example, the Center de services scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay will have renovated a total of ten schools in recent years. The plan is that nearly $40 million will be invested between 2018 and 2024.

“This is our last base year. We still have a month, not even. We have to take advantage of it,” said Anne-Julie Dupont, with astonishing certainty for a sixth-grade student.

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