A new ski school at Lac des Settons

A big mouth, an ordinary mouth, a straight man. Drawing the contours of Nicolas Geffroy’s personality is describing a colorful personality. Divide. Son of the Morvan, 49-year-old father, top athlete… the man lived several lives, in Monaco and then in Paris, before ending his daily life on the lakes of the Morvan. He returned there last year, having just bought a house in Alligny-en-Morvan which he is retyping today.

However, the athlete is not one to hide behind his eloquent record: vice-champion of Europe, three-time champion of France, four French cups.

Known as the white wolf, and not just on the banks of the Settons, he faces a new challenge here with the opening of his training school on 15 May.
“I wanted to pass on to the youngest, to revive a region, the Morvan, which I love. Les Settons is a beautiful body of water and I would love to help young trainees there to progress. In the palette offered by Nicolas Geoffroy, baby ski (from three, four years), buoy, wakeboard, wakesurf, ski, mono, foil or wakefoil.

Maximum 11 people on his boat

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Wanting to pass on technologies is not just an economic choice. “The boat requires expertise, professionalism, which you can only acquire over the years,” continues Nicolas Geoffroy.

And he wants to pass on his knowledge to those city dwellers who aspire “to detoxify from the city. I’m thinking of setting up nature courses where participants can disconnect. I strive for the students to develop self-transcendence and serenity. †

To return to his school: ‘I can take up to eleven people on my boat. The breakdown is offered per minute, so rates are calculated at € 2.50 per minute or € 40 per quarter of an hour. “Anyway, when you’re deep in the water, after ten minutes, do you wish you could breathe?! †

An electrically powered boat

Nicolas Geoffroy is developing an electric motorboat with a partner. She should be ready in July and set sail in Les Settons.
Turn away from gasoline-powered engines for those powered by electricity. Parallel to the launch of his school, in Settons, Nicolas Geoffroy launched the company Greenwake. Developed with Jean-Marc Sigaudy, a Norman industrialist, the structure aims to develop a boat powered by an electric motor.

This is to anticipate the tidal wave that will represent the ban on the sale of heat engines from 2035.

The two investors are finalizing the installation of a Tesla motor in a boat. “It should be operational on the Lac des Settons by July 1. So from this date I could have the first boat equipped with a Tesla engine,” says Nicolas Geoffroy enthusiastically. The term retrofit refers to the conversion of a thermal vehicle into an electric vehicle. “The French Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding is fully on this topic and is following us. †

Matthew Villeroy

NG School, in Moux-en-Morvan, tel. Information on Instagram, Facebook and on a special platform, spotride.

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