A new educational offer will come into effect in September, in the municipal music school of Saint-Amand-Montrond

“We’re really going into a typical 21st century operation. In terms of tools, the offer and music as a social link”, Raphaël Fosset laughs.
The deputy mayor of Saint-Amand-Montrond, in charge of cultural issues, the municipal team and Émilie Poingt, director of the municipal music school of Saint-Amandoise, who arrived in September 2021, have thought about a new educational offer. †

An offer that will apply within the music school at the start of the school year in September. “A complete overhaul”, for Raphaël Fosset, articulated around several main axes.

Creation of a gospel choir for children

Especially at the level of collective practices, which, according to Émilie Poingt, needed an “update”. For example, for the students of the first two years of cycle 1 two workshops will open choral singing; a traditional dance and music workshop; two body percussion workshops; and two instrumental percussion workshops. The director notes:

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“Musical education and collective practice are becoming more closely linked. The first two years they are coupled, so that the parents only come to school once. †

Two workshops on body percussion and instrumental percussion will also open their doors for students in the last two years of Cycle 1.
The collective vocal practices will also evolve, with the creation of four choirs: “SAM Doubidou”, for children from 7 to 13; “SAM Chabada”, for children from 14 years and adults?; the “Rainbow” gospel choir, for ages 10 and up and adult beginners; and the gospel choir “Rejoice” for experienced singers.

Emilie Pointt details:

“’SAM Chabada’ will focus on French singing and world music. We decided to start two gospel choirs, to open one for children. It was a recurring request. All collective vocal practices are subject to public events, such as the Music Hour, end-of-year projects or the Music Festival. †

A new management software for students

In terms of collective instrumental practices, contemporary music has received a major boost, with the opening of the workshops “Learn” for beginners and “Get Louder”, for experienced musicians. “Currently there is only one rock studio, the director recalls. Since an electric guitar lesson is opening in September, we still need a few current music workshops. Finally, a workshop on traditional dance and music sees the light of day, for experienced students. “There used to be none,” assures the director.

How the municipal music school of Saint-Amand adapts to “dys” children

To shape its new educational offer, the music school called on several partnerships. With the Abbey of Noirlac in particular, via the initiation to sound creation. “Seven sessions will be held at the abbey, with Jean-Christophe Désert (musician and composer, pedagogical manager of the sound creation studio of the Noirlac Cultural Encounter Center, Ed.), explains the director. Students will discover what a recording studio is, in order to create a collective piece. †

With the Union musicale de Saint-Amand-Montrond, on the other hand, ten students can learn to conduct.

A course adapted to people with “difficulties”

For the rest, two new courses have been created. The first, adapted to people in “difficulties”. “For physical problems, but also for people with dysorthography, dyslexia or dyspraxia”, Émilie Poingt specifies.

The second, a non-training, for adult beginners. “They will be able to follow the musical training courses without being evaluated”, the director reassures.
A substantial new educational offer, accompanied by the creation of a new management tool. “Today everything is done on paper, regrets Émilie Poingt. This software allows students to connect to their space and access their timetable. They will also be able to see their results and exam dates. †

Raphaël Fosset emphasizes:

“For this redesign, we wanted to give teachers, parents and students a voice. We also came across the right director, who was able to organize this process. This offer is a foundation for the school, which gives us approval. †

An approval to turn the municipal music school into a conservatory with “municipal influence”. “The request has not yet been made at the state level, tempers Émilie Poingt. With this new offering, we need two to three years to meet the specifications. †

Jeraud Mouchet

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