Web 3.0: an imminent business growth according to PWC?

A study by consultancy and accountancy firm PWC, one of the “big four “, one of the four world leaders in this sector, was published in April 2022. It shows that companies are now reaping the benefits of their investments in blockchain. In support of their conclusions: figures without appeal. 99% of companies in the world want to keep or increase their budget in this sector. An uplifting report that promises a promising future for the world of blockchain and other Web3.0 activities: cryptoassets, metaverse…

A transformation from traditional industries to the world of Web 3.0

What this study describes is a rapid step forward, a stepping stone from traditional businesses to sustainable transformation through Web3.0 technologies and services. The year 2021 has indeed been decisive. It has marked the history of the past decade by being the one who has seen the emergence on the international economic scene of the blockchain and its tributaries such as NFTs, the metaverse, etc. Another noteworthy fact, highlighted by PWC, illustrates the involvement of these companies in the Web 3.0 world. Indeed, the study notes that as many traditional companies have invested in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem as: pure players

A Global Web 3.0 Revolution

Globally, 21% of traditional companies said they made a profit from their blockchain projects. Business management is also becoming the new vector for crypto initiatives. In 2021, it was rather the innovation departments that fulfilled this role. This change underscores that it is now a top-level strategic support that will be the primary support for this transition to Web3.0. In addition, we can see that 40% of companies with a blockchain project want to collaborate with a pure player, in the form of a partnership or with the acquisition of one of them within the next three years. 60% of companies believe that the environmental impact of blockchains should be considered, a fairly high figure, reflecting companies’ growing concern for ecology.

Web 3.0 for French companies

It seems that French companies are more concerned about environmental issues. In fact, they believe that 72% the environmental impact of blockchains is significant. Likewise, for 50% of French companies, the energy cost of the chosen blockchain is an important selection criterion, compared to only 20% worldwide. In France, 56% of companies say they are ready to increase their budget for blockchains, twice as much as last year. It is also 61% of companies in France that announce that they have made a profit thanks to their investment in their blockchain projects. An undeniable French success, as in the rest of the world this figure is only 21%.

PWS presents us with a report with clear conclusions. The data is clear, all over the world traditional players in the economy have started their transition to a market of the future en masse. By investing in new technologies, they have established a comfortable position in the blockchain world and the Web 3.0 universe.

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