This Antiboise radiates the confidence of the great guys at her school

The great thing about shyness is that it can be tamed. And it is not Lucie Petit who will confirm the opposite.

Today, as the young woman moves in front of the lens with astonishing ease, she kindly remembers the teenager she was… She kept herself rather hunched over, like the head of the class. † Anyway, I never thought I’d do what I do“, the now-model raises a big smile.

Growing up in Antibes, she spread her wings for Hong Kong. Nine years that she evolves there. Daily a mile per hour slowed down by the pandemic, obviously: “ We are witnessing a change in my industry. Some brands had to leave the area with the Covid and have not returned since.

In a world in revolution it is necessary to know how to provide the movement.

Offer a look, a follow up

Portraits of Lucie Petit, model in Hong Kong. Margot DASQUE paper Dylan Meiffret / Nice Matin.

In 2020, the resident of Strasbourg will start her own business. Her challenge, her baby, her bud to hatch: HK Model Camp† A school to pass on what she has learned through her years of experience between contracts for Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani or even Chanel recently with the Monaco cruise show. †It all started with my YouTube channel. I opened it three years ago and I talked about my work through the videos I filmed. A lot of questions from internet users came back and I thought there was something interesting to build “, sums up the model with the soul of an entrepreneur. Her concept: offering a follow-up, a look, an accompaniment with top sauce.

Personal development

Portraits of Lucie Petit, model in Hong Kong. Margot DASQUE paper Dylan Meiffret / Nice Matin.

In addition to remote sessions, she welcomes her students to her studio for a photo shoot, work on the catwalk-style approach, or even coaching. And this for a single appointment or an outright individual or group follow-up. †It is so enriching to see the evolution of people, to work in depth on the subject of trustshe admits, delighted to spread her sweet energy among her students, who are mostly… female students: “ It is true that women outnumber men. But they are still there!

An approach meant for mannequin seeds, but not only: “For someone who is destined for this profession, this gives the codes. For others, it is an area of ​​personal development. “A way to discover who we are. Through the way we look at ourselves.”My goal is to take them out of their comfort zone. It’s not always easy, but that’s how we move forward. But be careful, I never force anyone to do anything that goes against their principles, their culture, their beliefs.“, assures the head of the company that likes to break the clichés about the modeling world (see below

“We must avoid comparing ourselves”

Portraits of Lucie Petit, model in Hong Kong. Margot DASQUE paper Dylan Meiffret / Nice Matin.

When it comes to hair and makeup, the idea is not to distort yourself like an Instagram filter. Frowning, she recognizes: “ Yes… It does damage. Being used to not seeing yourself as you are isn’t very healthy in the long run.“Beauty products are used here to highlight the participants. The result?”The only changes we make are those of minor temporary defects. Like a button for example.Exit the idea of ​​changing her nose or improving her cheekbones. Learn to pose, practice in front of a camera or a device… So many steps to achieve tranquility: namely self-acceptance. Dizzy. And for the magic to work, the exchanges have to be customised.

His best advice? †Even if you do it reflexively, don’t compare yourself to others. It’s destructive. “The real challenge lies elsewhere:”On the other hand, you can measure yourself. To the person we were a few years ago, for example. This allows you to see its evolution, to become aware of the progress made.

A measuring instrument that does not go overboard. But let’s leave the space to its own strength. A power that can transform any doll…

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