Manga Review Iruma School of Demons #13 by Sachiko-chi

A harvest festival that’s off to a good start!

I waited with a bit of impatience for this part, as the manga artist had made us a really nice twelfth part, and with an interesting twist to work on a festival with demons, and on the characters themselves.

We find the demon students who battle with their powers and skills during the harvest festival. They have to earn points and get as many points as possible by eliminating more or less large monsters. But it is also possible to earn them by stealing them from their comrades. This entire tome will be focused on this event, and it will certainly take a few more parts, as we only spent the first day and the first night of the festival, and they take place over several days.

Since it is our protagonist, we will follow first Iruma during this festival, accompanied by one of his comrades song† This duo is extremely comical to follow as they decide to follow a very different strategy from their other comrades. They will not run to the heap, but rather land and create a small base. For our protagonist, it’s time to bring out his knowledge, but it’s very different from songand they offer us comedic exchanges.
But our two characters here are certainly the most naive of this class, and they will be absorbed soon. In reality, Elizabeth accompanied by Clara will move towards them, having previously killed a few victims. Again, the manga artist here allows us to develop these two young girls, and in particular on their abilities. For Elizabeth, we will discover its capacity, its past and its way of looking at the concept of love. while for Clara, it’s really a more in-depth development, where we’ll see the progress she’s made in her training, and she’ll give us a little demonstration. It is in the picture of Clarasilly and cute, but which can become formidable with prolonged use.

Osamu Nishi is not satisfied with these four characters, it will bring up two others yawn and Agares, who also form a duo. The manga artist will work them differently, but always turn the events into humor. It will also highlight their hereditary skills for them, especially for Agaresand which will prove to be very useful for this festival, and will form a good basis.
If we have a variety of characters and abilities, it’s mostly sneak attacks at the moment, or just peace and quiet. We’re not necessarily going to have fun at this rate, but we’ve got a nice surprise in store with Asmodeus and sabro† Both have two other demons in direct rivalry for a monster, as well as being a master. This situation is funny, but very pleasant and dynamic. All four will fight for their ability to recover the maximum points, even if it is Asmodeus who will be most emphasized especially his very powerful demonic side. brothers tarthe demons they face are original, and the mangaka offers them a more moving side by offering us the discovery of their past and their rather interesting but not easy story.

What I also found very interesting about this book is that we discover the battlefield where all the demons collide. But the manga artist does not forget about the teachers, and those who are behind the scenes, who watch what happens and how it evolves between the demon students. We discover the rivalry between the teachers where their pride is put to the test, finally, they are not necessarily more advanced than their students and it is quite funny to discover.
There’s also a more serious side to pointing out the sick bay for hurting them in the future, and how that can work to save them when they want to give up. The sequel promises to be interesting and I really hope soIruma will be less ridiculed with his partner because it wasn’t like that in the beginning!

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