iPad: what the business professionals think

During my work lunches, I put the iPad on my lap, under my briefcase. As soon as I take it out to show one of our projects, the “wow effect” is guaranteed!” Nicolas Bordas, head of the communication agency TBWA, is very proud of his Apple tablet. Certainly, his company is engaged in the advertising of the apple brand. But his enthusiasm is shared by most of the leaders who have adopted this digital toy. Not even Xavier Bertand, the general secretary of the UMP, goes to a meeting without his iPad!

gadget. The Apple tablet, which was released in France on May 28, has blown a wind of technology into companies. With its wide, high-resolution touchscreen, which weighs only 680 grams, and its Wi-Fi connection (or 3G, as an option), the iPad seems to be a real competitor to the mini PCs and netbooks usually entrusted to executives. . Against them, it has two strong arguments: the price – between 500 and 829 euros depending on the version – lower than that of professional laptops.

And the unique design, with apple sauce. “We organized a challenge for our sellers with five tablets between the lots,” says Didier André, General Manager France of Century 21. Some employees who won a week in the sun for 1,500 euros admitted to us that they would have preferred an iPad! » But the most urgent question came from outside: “Customers asked us for an application very quickly, continues the boss of the real estate network. They thought that was normal for a brand like ours.”

The missing tool. SeLoger.com CEO Roland Tripard took the lead: In March, he took advantage of a trip to the United States to buy three iPads that he entrusted to the developers. Their mission? Build applications before release in France. “It’s a tool our jobs didn’t have,” he explains. Thanks to this, we can evaluate the price of an apartment or carry out an environmental diagnosis in real time.

In other sectors, the interest of the tablet is less clear. Bouygues and Vinci, for example, do not yet see its usefulness on construction sites. As for Orangina Schweppes, 250 vendors are waiting for us to offer them… programs. “Our usual software suppliers, such as SAP, do not have enough applications,” notes Jean-Charles Tonnin, IT director of the beverage manufacturer. In addition, we are conducting investigations into the iPad’s security and our experts have not yet made a decision.

The safety trap. This need for data protection has long ensured BlackBerry’s supremacy over Apple in businesses, especially banks. The iPhone has even been banned from the press service at Société Générale! But the iPad could invite itself into conference rooms or equip mobile executives, they say at headquarters. Dell, Archos, HP and the kings of netbooks, Asus and MSI in the lead, are at least sharpening their weapons. Their tablets, of the same size and performance, start at less than 500 euros! The war in the offices has only just begun.

Sylvain Lapoix

Bertrand Meheut, chairman of the Canal Plus group

Shortly before his arrival in France, I treated myself to see what the competition was doing abroad: ABC series, Netflix on-demand films… I immediately noticed the difference with the iPhone: it is a real video medium on which you i-Tele for few minutes without any problem. For me, who is very short-sighted, the reading comfort of the tablet, combined with the double-click zoom, is incomparable.
The iPad also solved my filing problem: I don’t like paperwork and GoodReader makes my life easier. For a weekend in Brittany, I check the tides to plan my sea voyages, but due to the lack of real storage capacity, the functionality is still limited. In my opinion, it is a tool that is mainly aimed at technophiles.

Yann Arthus-Gertrand, photographer and founder of Altitude
A friend brought me a Wi-Fi iPad from the US and I was sure I wouldn’t touch it! In the end, I always use it: it’s so light that I take it everywhere to answer my emails and surf news sites. For photos and videos I continue to use my regular computer: I work on heavy files that cannot be downloaded wirelessly. Also, the “consumer push” side of Apple, which releases a new version every year, is starting to annoy me.

Pierre-Frédéric Roulot, President of Louvre Hotels (Campanile, Kyriad, etc.)
I made three Fnacs to buy it the day it was released! I had a small Toshiba, light, but I had to open it, turn it on… The quick start of the iPad allows me to take full advantage of my short breaks! I use it to display our commercial brochures, my competition details, etc.
When traveling, the dimensions and autonomy are ideal. But you can’t hook it up to a TV screen, and more than three people it’s hard to watch a PowerPoint. At home I associate it with my guitar: tuner, sheet music, TabToolkit for tablature, it has everything!

Bernard Skalli, CEO of Pastacorp (Rivoire & Carret, Lustucru…)
I have one for myself and one for my wife. I already had a mini PC, but the iPad has unparalleled ergonomics: the almost instant ignition, the design, the lightness… I had my carrying case personalized, with my initials, and I can’t live without it. My only fear was the virtual keyboard as I am a fan of BlackBerry keys.
To my surprise, the Apple tablet offers real typing comfort, especially if you’re processing 250 emails a day. I also use it to view ads and images of our new pasta packs. And for my own photo albums I use ScrapPad: very simple. When I go by train, I often read a classic e-book. Or I treat myself to a game of pinball with Pinball HD. My grandkids love it!

Work, play: the ten essential “apps”

Share air
Efficient for sending a PDF via Wi-Fi to a colleague’s computer, Air Sharing brings together all the useful file sharing features.

Whether you’re in the pharmacy, construction industry or just a news enthusiast, Pulse allows you to consolidate RSS feeds from your favorite news sites and share the articles with your contacts, by email or via social networks.

Good-Reader is a universal document holder and accepts all written, photo, audio and video formats and allows rapid archiving of documents received by email or transferred from a computer.

Thanks to the iPad’s microphone and speakers, Skype turns your tablet into a real IP phone. For video conferencing, on the other hand, it will have to wait for Steve Jobs to think about the webcam…

flip board
Fans of Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr swear by this “app”: it presents your social networks like a magazine you flip through and makes perfect use of the iPad’s reading comfort.

Thanks to the width of the screen, Bloomberg shows stock quotes, HD videos and broadcasts minute-by-minute financial information.

Marine This application, developed by Navionics, the specialist in digital sea charts, turns your iPad into an on-board GPS that allows you to plan your sailing weekends in high definition.

Want to calm your nerves after a meeting? Enter a singer’s name into Pandora and a web radio station is automatically created for the artist by displaying information about each of their titles.

Michelin For a romantic gastronomic evening or a quick lunch with a client, the Michelin Guide application allows you to consult, book and, if you have GPS, even guide you to your table the best addresses in Bibendum.

From color management to exposure compensation and cropping, Photogene offers all the basic photo editing tools adapted to the tablet’s large touchscreen.

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