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ARQUANT CAPITAL obtains approval as a portfolio management company for alternative investment funds (AIFM) from the AMF.


Approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under visa no. GP-202214 dated 09/05/2022, Arquant Capital becomes the first fintech in the digital asset sector to obtain approval in France as management to actively manage specialized professional funds and invested directly in digital assets. The company is preparing the imminent launch of its funds for professional and institutional investors.

Facilitate access to digital assets in collective management

Digital assets, a disruptive innovation in the financial sector, are also a new alternative to traditional financial assets. But despite their potential, they are still very complex and require support adapted to a high risk of capital loss. Based on this observation, Eron Angjele, senior manager with 20 years of experience in market financing and alternative portfolio management at Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and Banque Postale Asset Management, decided to join forces with Gautier Chauvin, Antoine Paris and Florent Vanaerde, 3 others. financial and technology innovation professionals to launch the Arquant project in 2019.

Their goals:

facilitating the access of professional investors (institutional, private banks, family offices and companies) to digital assets under collective and individual management.
offer active management adapted to the high volatility of this asset class.

With the approval of the AMF, Arquant Capital has reached a decisive milestone.

“We are pleased and proud to have achieved this accreditation, which rewards the strong commitment of our entire team. This marks an important step in the development of Arquant Capital and fully illustrates our desire to provide our clients with innovative investment solutions while ensuring the best standards of management and compliance. We are now ready to launch our first dedicated professional funds, positioning ourselves at the forefront of a fast-growing market.” says Eron Angjele, chairman of Arquant Capital.

An innovative structure for professional investors

Labeled by the Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster of the financial center of Paris, Arquant Capital is actively preparing the launch of new funds in France.
Notably, Arquant Capital will launch the first professional fund entirely dedicated to Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization and the main challenger to Bitcoin.

“Faced with increased competition from other European markets, in particular the Luxembourg and Irish markets, which are currently deploying different types of collective investment vehicles in digital assets, it is essential that France can count on players such as Arquant Capital. That is why we are pleased that we were able to support the company in the accreditation process.” says Karima Lachgar, attorney at Osborne Clarke.

Active management based on ‘Machine Teaching’

Arquant Capital has developed a management process over three years that combines algorithmic management and discretionary control. The investment strategies employed are based on the expertise of the management team and on patented artificial intelligence technology that enables risk management to optimize the ‘token picking’ approach, market timing and money management.
Instead of ‘deep learning’, Arquant prefers a ‘machine teaching’ approach. A synergy between people and technology that in particular provides end-to-end transparency in investment decisions.

“This approach allows Arquant to offer its clients the ability to diversify their investments into a new asset class while offering the best practices of traditional financing. It is a value proposition fully adapted to professional and institutional clients wishing to invest in digital assets through investment vehicles adapted to their high demands.” concludes Gautier Chauvin, Development Director of Arquant Capital.

About Arquant Capital

Founded in 2019 by 4 partners (Eron Angjele, Gautier Chauvin, Antoine Paris and Florent Vanaerde) from the world of wealth management and technology, Arquant Capital is an asset manager specialized in digital assets. The company offers its professional and institutional investor clients an unprecedented range of strategies for this new asset class, ranging from passive to active management. Since May 2022, Arquant Capital has been approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under Visa No. GP-202214 as an Alternative Investment Fund Portfolio Management Company (AIFM).

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