5 Incredible and Little Known Crypto Tools

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5 Incredible and Little Known Crypto Tools

There are 5 very little known tools, yet essential if you want to invest successfully in cryptos. Indeed, they will enable you to save time, simplify your life and have better profitability. These tools are useful but unfamiliar sites.

The first tool is a site that brings together the investments with the best performance of all decentralized finance and all existing blockchains. The second tool is a site that allows you to see the contents of your wallet in one place and check the value of everything you own across all blockchains, as well as the value of your NFTs.

As for the third tool, it is a site that brings together the best performing investments on centralized platforms in one place. As for the fourth tool, it is a site that describes the transactions of the largest whales, the cryptocurrencies they buy or resell. The fifth and final tool is an aggregator that brings together all the trendiest news of the moment.


This tool makes it possible to rank the best investments of all Decentralized Finance blockchains. By clicking on the “All Vaults” tab, you can see the performance ranking of the different APYs. That is, the performance of the various investments with interest reinvested.

However, the idea is not to use this tab, but rather the “stablecoin” tab. Look for the best investments that have the best annual interest and a TVL of over 10 million per year. The higher the Total Value Locked, the lower the rate. But there is more security. You can choose the tokens and blockchain of your choice.

Ape Board.finance

When you open your Metamask wallet, it’s not always explicit. Not all of your tokens are listed. You do not know the true value of your NFTs. The Ape Board.finance site brings all blockchains together in one place. It illustrates your wealth in a very simple way.

To make the most of the data provided by the site, you will need to add your wallet. Then select all the blockchains you want and then click on the “Add” tab. You will be redirected to another page. At this level, click on “Dashboard”, then you wait. This crypto site shows you everything you own on all existing blockchains. You know the percentage of capital allocated to each blockchain, the value of your portfolio, etc.

On the Ape Board.finance platform, you can see the crypto rewards you need to claim and the sites you can claim on. Indeed, it is easy to forget the deadlines for receiving your rewards. This crypto tool is therefore extremely important as you may have money to claim right now. It allows you to track your entire investment in real time.

In summary, on this site you can see how your capital is distributed across all blockchains. In addition, the NFT tab allows you to see all the NFTs you own and their current value.


This third site is also one of the little-known crypto tools. Namely, it groups the best performing investments in both centralized finance and decentralized finance. But it’s only about stablecoins.

For example, when it comes to USDT, Youhodler offers the best returns. Here are the top 5 best USDT investments across all platforms:



– Yield App



As for the DAI stablecoin, Mushrooms Finance offers the best returns. Although it is AAVE that offers the best profitability when it comes to the sUSD stablecoin. On the other hand, it is Vauld that offers the best performance for the stablecoin B USD.


The whalestats.com website is one of the little known but very useful crypto tools. Indeed, this site tracks the activity of the largest portfolios in real time. For example, if we take the Ethereum blockchain, whalestats tracks the top 5,000 wallets.

These are wallets with an average value of $74,177,181 and with an average of 10,270 ETH, 32 tokens and 1 NFT. In addition, the site reveals the stablecoins most commonly used by these whales and the NFTs that trade them the most. In addition, the site lists the Top 10 tokens bought and sold by these whales in the last 24 hours, the last 7 days and the last 30 days.


This site is a cryptocurrency information aggregator. It brings news on social networks, blogs, various media, news sites, etc. Then the site highlights the news that is super important.

However, it is up to you to decide which information is flagged. You can configure this crypto tool to your preference. So you will see mostly bullish or bearish information. You can also choose to see trending news first. In this case, you will see the news that has just fallen at this time.

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