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In Sarthe, in Allonnes near Le Mans, a beautiful project will see the light of day next September: the construction of a school garage. The idea was launched during the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 by the President of the Pays de la Loire region Christelle Morançais, the President of Motul Thierry Quilan and the President of the ACO Pierre Fillon. The observation was that many auto mechanics today are: effort“What could be done? And especially for helping young people struggling to find their way”summarizes the president of the Le Mans Garage School management association, Bertrand Corbeau, also a member and manager of the ACO. “This project resonates all the more with Le Mans given the place the car has always occupied there. †

This training is in the form of a private production school, free and recognized by the state. There are 41 production schools in France and Le Mans will be the first in Sarthe. “It is a model that is not yet widely used, but has already proven itself. Graduates of these 41 schools are offered an average of four vacancies after graduation! †

To learn by practise

The principle lies in the permanent situation of the students on real customer requests. Obviously, two-thirds of the time will be reserved for: the exercise, the rest in general education. The school is aimed at young people from 15 years old who do not find their way in vocational education or in the work-study centers (CFA). This one “Third way thus complements the existing offer and makes it possible to meet the expectations of some, who prefer to practice a profession”said Bertrand Corbeau.

The buildings will be located in rue Blaise Pascal in Allonnes, where the garage will be located, but also the classrooms. The garage becomes open to the public and calculates market prices. “The idea is not to compete with companies in the sector! †, reassures Bertrand Corbeau. A real garage, therefore, only the immobilization of the vehicle will take a little longer than usual. “Going to this garage will be” a civil act, allowing young people to train. We are counting on ACO members to help spread the word about this place and become users! †

In the paddock during the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

The degree can take two years, to earn a Vehicle Maintenance CAP, or four years to enter the professional baccalaureate degree. From twelve to fifteen students, mainly Sarthois so as not to cut them off from their family environment, are expected at every promotion. And “Everyone is guided by a professional master. The guidance is very personal and this is his strength”† The professions open to graduates are mainly those of car maintenance, but also those of shopkeepers, vehicle preparers and technical inspectors. The spectrum is wide! Another feature of this training: the young people will associated with sports competitions† Two avenues are explored. The first associated with the manufacturer Funyo Sport Proto, neighbor to the school garage, and the second with the ACO events. “For example, students could find themselves in the pits of volunteer teams during the 24 Hours of Le Mans! †

The financing of this garage school is public and private : 60% subsidies from the State and the Region, 20% subsidies from companies and student taxes and 20% from customer services. The school garage becomes a member of the National Network of Production Schools and its Federation (FNEP) and of the National Association of School Garages (Motul, Norauto, etc.). The main partners are the ACO and the Pays de la Loire region, but also Mobilians and all the major local automotive players, as well as companies not directly involved in the sector, but wishing to support this project as their social and environmental responsibility (Satys , Dorise , Foussier, Huttepain, Le Bourray, the Crédit Agricole group, the Banque des Territoires). “We are also supported by the Department and the Metropolis, Montjoie, the CFA CCI, very mobilized in the field of employment and integration. †


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