Shadow Business Solutions: Exciting offers for the French cloud computing service!

Shadow is a service of cloud computing permitwith a simple internet connection, to turn any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone…) into a gaming PC† Following the announcements of the latest Shadow Spotlight (see our article), the site has undergone a redesign, revealing the 2 new configurations for the professional world

baptized Standard and Premiumboth available in early access, the new formulasif they remain competitive in price, could be a game changer compared to an option Flow that left us hungry. Nice suprice, the GPUs from Shadow Business Solutions To go way beyond what was offered on the option? booster † The RTX5000 is the equivalent of a RTX 3060 TI when her big sister is the equivalent of a NVIDIA Titan RTX (count about -13% performance difference). In the previous article, noises from the hallways announced Infinity for the offer Companywe’re very close except we’re losing raise (512 GB to be exact).

“With Shadow Business Solutions, our ambition is to free small and medium-sized businesses from their technological constraints by providing them with innovative, intuitive and powerful tools designed for the era of remote working. It’s a powerful cloud-based IT solution that helps you meet your needs and get the devices you and your colleagues need, no matter when and how,” explains Stéphane Héliot, co-founder and vice-general director of Shadow

If these two new formulas are suitable for all applications, we would have liked to see, moreover in an offer Companytake advantage of 512 GB storage space in Standard and 1TB in Premium † even if in fact it will always be possible to increase storage.

These configurations allow you to work comfortably in many areas:

  • on software AdobephotoshopPremiere ProAfter Effects
  • About animation and 3D modeling software, even about architecture: blender3DSMaxZBrushTwinMotion
  • On 3D engines (rightVRUnreal EngineUnit

What can we not:

  • digital painting : work on graphics tablets (currently incompatible);
  • Work on touchscreens: This feature is currently not supported.

Let’s bet touch screen and graphic tablet support is in the works byOVHit would be surprising if this were not the case, knowing that these features are visible in the following photos:

Web PhotoAsset Work Create Web PhotoAsset

We hope that these two possibilities will be effective in the coming weeks, especially when we know that it is possible, especially with the offer warp by parsec (remote control software):

Parsec Warp

We do not yet know what the prices and payment conditions (monthly subscription, hourly rate, etc.) of the proposed formulas will be., no more than the maximum number of PCs that may be offered in the offer. Finally, we don’t know if the professional offers a timer, the very one that disconnects us after 20 minutes of inactivity, which can become very problematic for 3D renderings or exporting videos. We are therefore looking for information and let you know whether these proposals are worth their weight in gold. Do you want to test Shadow for a possible professional subscription? Promotion Code JRMHDYKM gives you 5 € discount on your first month.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, treat yourself to a Oculus Quest 2 at ‘s house Bakerthe fnacDarty or Amazon for €349.99. You will also find good PCs for gamers there.

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