Recruitment: high voltage technical professions

by means of Florent Wit

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Serious recruitment problems paralyze the professional world in almost all sectors. In France, supply chain management requires a new adequate mobilization of human resources. Find out how to reinvigorate high-tension technical professions in the face of staff shortages.

What does stressful work mean?

We speak of a job in tension when the recruitment offer exceeds the demand of the candidates. This mismatch indicates problems with human resources management. An imbalance that explains the strong tensions that persist in the labor market in general. You should know that companies recruit for various reasons. Among the most common are:

  • – The resulting increase in the activities (creation of functions) of the company;
  • – The need for qualified personnel to fill vacancies.

It should be understood that most vacancies that are vacant are explained by:

  • – Pensions,
  • – Replacement for medical reasons,
  • – Or mobility to another position.

These are professions where recruiters struggle to find the perfect candidate for a particular position. With the context of the Covid-19 related pandemic affecting all sectors, this reality appears to be deteriorating.

The world of work has seen many upheavals as a result of the recent pandemic. Many industries have had to adapt to major changes.

The essence of technical professions

In 2021, 677,700 jobs were registered in the private sector, according to INSEE. This is 3.5% more than the level before the Covid-19 crisis. Also, the unemployment rate measured by the International Labor Office in France was 7.4% in the fourth quarter of 2021. Compared to the third quarter of the same year, there was a decrease of 0.6 points, again according to INSEE.

Looking further at these numbers, we realize that the technical professions have a negative image. These are professions related to the machinery industry, technologies, electrical equipment and others.

As examples, we can cite professions related to construction sector, IT, industry itself, etc. Logistics chain management or supply chain management would thus contribute to highlighting the associated operational tasks. It is a lever that makes it possible to harmonize the working mechanisms surrounding supply, handling and stock management.

High voltage technical professions

The secondary sector, which includes processing activities, is one of the areas most affected by this phenomenon. In 2021, the shortage of candidates will have a major impact on recruitment in technical professions in the French market.

According to a BMO (Needs in Manpower) survey by Pôle emploi in 2021 and the DARES (Direction for the Animation of Research, Studies and Statistics), these are the technical professions under high tension in France:

  • – computer technician,
  • – Web developer or mobile application,
  • – Engineer, study manager, R&D and IT project manager,
  • – Electrician,
  • – Worker of public works, concrete and mining,
  • – Construction worker
  • – Roofer,
  • – Bricklayer,
  • – Plumbing heating,
  • – Unskilled packing worker and handler,
  • – Unskilled worker in the food industry,
  • – Vehicle mechanic/electronics mechanic and bodybuilder.

These professions reflect a disinterest of young graduates towards the technical sector. The construction, public works, industrial and mechanical engineering sectors are the hardest hit.

Other professions such as maintenance agent, waiters, carers, office managers, nurses, cultural social workers, prevention and security agents, hotel receptionists, truck drivers… and many others struggle to find motivated candidates. †

How to revitalize recruitment in tense sectors?

Reviving high voltage transactions is not an easy task, but it is still possible. To break this negative label associated with technical transactions in suspense, three options can be put forward.

  • – Helping young people rediscover industrial jobs through attractiveness campaigns

Note that the aim of such an approach is to invite young people to look beyond the simple prejudices associated with a particular profession. This can be done by organizing events such as open days, conferences, trade forums, etc. This is the perfect opportunity for companies to restore the professions that have been affected by this shortage of candidates.

  • – Awareness of labor shortages through new communication channels

Whether on social networks, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others, communicating the specifics of tech jobs in tension is essential. This approach is part of the proper functioning of the logistics or supply chain. These professions can also be promoted through video learning. The Ministry of Labor and Pôle Emploi are sticking to this solution and trying to get used to it as best they can.

Organizing open days on these abandoned crafts is becoming more common. It’s about connecting employers and prospective ’employees’ and encouraging them to pursue a different career. For this, the recruitment company must be able to inspire future candidates.

In short, the more tensions in the labor market increase, the more difficult it is to recruit people. This phenomenon is explained by the predominant discrepancy between the needs of companies and the profiles of candidates. By helping young people to rediscover the workings of technical professions, this sector would be relaunched.

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