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In recent days, the Harmony blockchain has made some improvements to its ecosystem. She is working on three interesting projects and new collaborations are emerging. So here are the updates you need to know.

The Harmony One Team Offsite Event

Ankr’s Offsite Event and Aggregator Release on Harmony

Recently, Harmony held an off-site event exploring the mission, values ​​and vision of blockchain. The team has looked at a number of areas for improvement based on feedback from the community. Harmony will provide details and initiatives in a few days on and on its official social networks.

At the same time, the Ankr released its RPC aggregator on the Harmony blockchain. This is a good point, both for users and developers in the ecosystem. It gives direct access to dozens of nodes worldwide. It also improves connection speed and reliability on the Harmony network.

Three interesting projects conceived by the ecosystem

What most marks Harmony’s news are the three ongoing projects that will soon see the light of day.

First, there is the Cosmic Universe project. It is an open world fantasy adventure game where you can explore and evolve colonies. A Cosmic Metaverse version is one of Harmony’s game updates. A detailed gameplay demo will launch this week, where players can preview the game ahead of its Fall 2022 release. turn of of NFT is already activated for wizards who want to be at the forefront of game resources.

The second project concerns GEN 0 of Defira. Through new quests whose purpose is to improve and cultivate the kingdom, players will exploit NFTs. It will be in partnership with DeFi Native Tranquil Finance. Updates will be added gradually over the course of this year, including the addition of the city of Tranquilia. Additional features will appear, while providing better immersion in the game.

The latest project is Harmony’s Play Pixel Warz: Origins. It is a multiplayer universe where everyone can build a city in their own way. It is possible to sell, trade and deposit NFTs, which you can earn through your contributions to the ecosystem. Early access launched on May 11, while players were able to bring their avatars into the official version of the game. Exclusive rewards and benefits were shared.


In recent days, the efforts of the Harmony blockchain have been significant. The off-site event organized by the team will lead to some interesting initiatives from the ecosystem. RPC aggregation also improves the smoothness of connection to the Harmony network and processing nodes provided by Ankr. The three projects, Cosmic Universe, Pixel Warz and Defira, will be able to develop thanks to the updates. It remains to be seen how they will develop over time.

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