School: should we fear a teacher shortage at the beginning of the school year?

For two experts, the situation is: “catastrophic”† School officials and unions are already concerned about the start of the school year in September 2022 and a possible teacher shortage. Indeed, the results of the teaching competitions are starting to become known and at Capes (to teach in middle and high school) the number of suitable candidates is lower than that of vacancies in several subjects including Mathematics, German or Classical Letters, explains the Parisian

Alarming results

The government assures that it is only one “cyclical phenomenon”as the recent reform means that the candidates pass the contest in master 2 and not master 1. But the unions are concerned, the SE-Unsa judges the results as being “alarming”. With the SNES-FSU and the Snalc, they ask the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, to organize an emergency moratorium on job losses and a “raise”.

A lack of attractiveness of the teaching profession

Jean-Paul Delahaye, former Director General of School Education within the Ministry of Education and Honorary Inspector General, interviewed by the shipmentand Eric Anceau, historian, interviewed by Le Figaroremember that the results of the matches and the situation “catastrophic”† Both raise the risk of a teacher shortage by explaining that in addition to the results of the competitions, the profession is no longer attractive.

“The loss of appeal of the profession is real, because of the indecent salaries and the promised upgrades that have not happened. With the term! We are currently at 1.1 Smic for a Bac + 5 “explains Eric Anceau. “40 years ago, a novice teacher earned three times the Smic, today he starts his career with 1.1 Smic. Remuneration is one of the most important things in recruiting”in abundance Jean-Paul Delahaye.

It also explains that “this job has become difficult: the pressure on the school has never been greater, there is a lot of knowledge circulating and it is up to the teachers to harmonize, create order in the knowledge that the There is also a “teacher bashing” which does not contribute to attracting students to the profession, as they see that at the highest level of the state, certain officials sometimes say that the teachers are not working enough.There is a general atmosphere these days which means that this profession is largely delegitimized and devalued, so we can’t be surprised at this discontent with the competition.” Eric Anceau also points out a security issue: “The teaching profession has become a high physical and psychological risk. The problems of incivility are increasing”and attacks on members of the teaching staff are becoming more common.

Contract workers to tackle the teacher shortage

The Ministry of Education said it anticipated that the number of friends in the competitions would be lower than the number of vacant positions. When the possibility of increasing the number of students per class seems unthinkable, contract teachers have to be hired, a trend that has been confirmed in recent years: their share in secondary education increases from 8 to 14% in 10 years. Issue“Teaching is a profession. It can be learned. If we only recruit contract workers who are trained in a few hours and who are dropped at night for a class they don’t know the program of, we cannot guarantee the quality of teaching.”explains Jean-Paul Delahaye.

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