Finance Innovation organizes the first edition of CryptoDay

The Finance Innovation cluster, the headquarters of financial innovation in France, seizes the turning point of the web3: its vocation to unite the actors of the financial ecosystem of today and tomorrow, the cluster recognizes and responds to the challenges of blockchain technology.

On June 1, the first special event prepares an educational assessment of the concrete applications and application prospects for financial players.


Long ignored or even despised, cryptocurrency has soared in recent years, increasingly legitimizing its use in the field of finance to reach more than 7,090 currencies today representing a total capitalization of USD 2,595 billion.

As the first Bitcoin ETF makes a resounding debut on Wall Street and the flagship cryptocurrency, along with several altcoins, has experienced its ATH, it is high time for Finance Innovation to be the link between financial institutions and the major players in a fast-growing world. field.

The cluster’s support for blockchain technologies is based on a detailed understanding and approach to measuring their impact – as mapped by the new quarterly barometer of French’s appetite for cryptocurrencies produced with Sia Partners.

It is in this context of democratization of its adoption that Finance Innovation is organizing on June 1, 2022 at Station F, a day dedicated to cryptoassets and related topics such as NFTs or Tokenization: CRYPTODAY.


The Finance Innovation division intends to meet the deep need of the French-speaking financial ecosystem and enable it to honestly understand the blockchain technology and its actual use, to better understand it. Concerned about linking digital finance to a more traditional French ecosystem, Cryptoday aims to:
● Making existing projects state of the art in a didactic approach.
● Exploring the depth of the blockchain market and its application in finance to determine the
ecosystem needs.
● Identify new trends and perspectives of this technology to reflect on the next challenges and achieve governance objectives.

The key players in crypto and French finance of today and tomorrow (Tezos, Kyriba, Coinhouse, Euronext, Crédit Agricole, BPI France, etc.) will participate in several roundtables and conferences throughout the day to draw the crypto landscape: metamorphosis of currencies, redefinition of payment boundaries, financing in cryptocurrencies, tokenization of financial assets, energy controversy, NFT, metaverse …

Blockchain technology is shaking up the rules of the game and the Finance Innovation division is capitalizing on this turning point to accelerate innovative projects that serve the competitiveness of the entire digital finance and fintech ecosystem.

About financial innovation
Founded by the State and spurred on by the Paris Financial Center in 2007, FINANCE INNOVATION is a global competitive cluster, of common interest, a trusted third party for its members and its ecosystem. It is committed to supporting and growing innovative projects for the competitiveness of the French financial sector and job creation, in France and abroad. With a network of more than 600 members (governments, local authorities, large corporations, VSEs/SMEs, startups, fintechs, academics, etc.), federated Finance Innovation spans a large ecosystem through 6 strategic sectors: Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Numbers and advice, Real Estate/Smart City, Sustainable Finance and Green Finance.
FINANCE INNOVATION labels innovative projects to support them in structuring commercial and capital partnerships. More than 600 projects have been labeled today and have benefited from public funding.

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