Châteaubriant: a new school for training in the timber trade opens in October

The production school dedicated to the timber trade will open in October 2022 in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). ©Fachdozent/Pixabay

A production school dedicated to crafts wood opens on October 3, 2022 until Chateaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). The project was announced in October 2021 and is included in the rehabilitation project of the former industrial site Acier Plus — owned by the municipality of Châteaubriant — in a training center.

What training is offered?

This production school offers students the opportunity to follow two years CAP carpenter thereafter two years professional baccalaureate as a woodworking technicianincluding a year of internship. The students can then, if they wish, continue their education at the Ecole Supérieure du Bois de Nantes.

the future training location is ready for the start of the 2023 academic yearbut’school called “Wood’Up” will open well from October 2022

A another site of Châteaubriant – which has yet to be revealed – will welcome the students of this first promotion. Twelve students will join the establishment next fall. On May 18, five students from the area had already been admitted to start the CAP training.

The wood production school moves to the former industrial site of Acier Plus with the start of the 2023 school year. ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

A rhythm close to the company

This production school will train students in the timber trade on site, in his own workshopswhich will soon open on the former industrial site.

“The concept is do to learn vat Didier Élin, manager of Team Plastique and president of theassociation Se formation à Châteaubriant that oversees the new establishment and manages staff recruitment.

As the name suggests, the production school offers its students instant immersion at the heart of the crafts of the wood industry by manufacturing products for a variety of customers, from local authorities to companies in the region.

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“The idea is to a rhythm close to the company, between 35 to 37.5 hours a week and 12 weeks of vacation », says Christine Galisson, who has been working on this project at the community of municipalities since April 2021.

The promotions will consist of 12 to 18 students, who: 2/3 of the practice i.e. 24 hours a week and 1/3 of the time spent on theorypreparation for exams (French, Mathematics-Physics, English, History-Geography, etc.) In addition to the general training, every student should devote at least 1.5 hours of their time to community involvement each week in an association of your choice, on Wednesday afternoon.

Who can apply?

Only necessary to integrate the school: be 15 years old before December 31, 2022

The only criterion for student admission is motivation, regardless of school record.

The association does, however, advise candidates to have already become acquainted with the life of a company in the wood sector during a short internship. The Tuition fees are on average €20 per month per educated young person.The Region contributes € 4,000 per student to finance this training, in addition to the assistance of the Ministry of Labour.

Céline Meslif (second from left), director of the woodworking production school and Julien Denieul (in the middle), professional master, welcome the first students in October 2022 in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

The only wood production school in the west of France

This project was supported by the Adic(Association for intercompany development of the Châteaubriant region), deHigher School of Bois de Nantes and the Community of Communes † she will be there only production school dedicated to the timber trade in the great west† Two similar schools already exist in the country, in Lyon and Lille. 43 production schools currently train 1,200 students in eight business sectors in France(catering, automotive, digital, etc.).

Arnaud Colin, President of Adic, underlines the great advantage that this future training place represents for the economy and the attractiveness of the area: “There is a real desire to empowering young people to train in jobs of the future that meet the needs of our area † The other challenge is also to be able to keep young students in the Châteaubriant area by training them on site. ” There was a real lack of training for construction and woodworking at the local level ”, notes Didier Elin.

Already recruited the director and a trainer

The association Se formation à Châteaubriant has provisionally recruited the director of the establishment and a professional teacher.Celine Meslifetook up his duties at the head of this new school on 16 May. A well-known profile of companies in the sector since the worked for 20 years as head of the CCI . local office (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in Châteaubriant before he became commercial director of the company apportech industries

My role will be to lead the teaching team, the relations with young people and families and to manage the orders, partnership and financing of the school. It will be both a small SME and a school.

The income from production will cover the school’s investments 1.2 million euros will be invested over several years to equip the school in terms of material. the statethrough the TotalEnergies Foundation supports this investment with €900,000.

Julien Denieul,has meanwhile been recruited on April 24 as a professional master after 24 years as an employee carpenter carpenter roofer.“It’s an opportunity for me to take the time to properly train young people,” he says. The association also continues to recruit teachers.

Practical: to register, contact Céline Meslig on 02 72 41 01 00 or via Next information meetings (registration required), May 23 and 31 at 6 pm and June 8 and 15 at 2 pm.

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