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After 3D modeling, painting, generative art and photography, Street-Art is the next major artistic movement invested by the NFT revolution.

Cryptos and NFTs are currently experiencing a slowdown, but despite this, some projects deserve special attention, including This is the new decentralized platform dedicated to #StreetArtNFT. This is a platform that specializes in the drops of NFT collections created by Street-Artists. And unlike some platforms that want to “tokenize” photos of physical Street-Art works, invites artists to unleash their creativity through digital works. the decentralized platform for street artists is a platform where street artists canexplore the world of NFTs† In fact, it opens up new fields of creativity for them, connecting them directly to their collectors. In addition, it gives them access to new sources of income. In addition, strives to: build the largest #StreetArtNFT community† Likewise, it provides all the street performers who want to enter the world of NFTs the means to trade.

What sets this platform apart from others is that invites street artists to experiment digitally with their journey and their inspirations. This stimulates collaborations with other artistic movements.

It is not a platform that refers to existing physical works sold in NFT. In fact, the goal is to become the Artblocks of Street-Art† That is, a place where street artists can launch their projects and where collectors can buy NFT StreetArt.

Founders and teams

Alexis D’Eudeville and Sebastien Rouby are the two founders of Alexis left Google to focus on Web 3, convinced that team management is an art.

As for Sébastien, he left Finance to become a butcher and gave up this activity to devote himself to NFT marketing. Since February 2021, he has been part of the incredible NFT family. First via collectibles, from Veve to Opensea, then shifted slightly to genart and 1:1.

They founded the street lab because they were convinced that NFT technology is a fundamentally positive revolution for art and artists.

Julien Bessaguet joined the Streetlab team for two reasons: the long-term vision and the technical challenge. In addition to Maxime Oulé, Sonia Ankri has joined Streetlab to recruit and mentor the best street artists who want to start Web3.

The different partnerships

The Streetlab is designed to: welcome all street performers who want to take on the NFT adventure. For example, the platform for the Genesis collection teamed up with a very talented and respected street artist, Yescka.

Streetlab aims to attract the attention of street artists, galleries, schools, museums and collectors’ clubs. In fact, more than 25 world-famous street performers are already on board to prepare their drops. Notably Difuz, Nefrit, Tchader, Lafleuj, Mehdi Cibille, Falko, Sam Elgreco, Dalek, Jason Naylor, Lucas Beaufort, Shane.

Great collaborations have sprung up in the NFT community. Includes Zeneca, Doodles, BAYC Community, CryptoPunks Community, OSF (coming soon). Not to mention that Streetlab is backed and advised by leading crypto art OGs such as Benoît Couty of MoCA and Carlos Marcial Torres. launches its Genesis collection

To fund and manage the Streetlab, Genesis Collection designed by Mexican street artist Yescka launched on June 2, 2022. The latter consists of 4444 NFTs. Called Free Muertos Tribute, it is a limited collection of NFTs made up of hand-drawn skeleton characters.

These characters represent freedom fighters coming back from the dead. They will be leading Street Artists into the NFT scene to make their voices resonate and fight censorship.

How to buy an NFT Genesis?

First of all, you should know that the price of the NFT Genesis is: stuck in EthereumWe must therefore first buy ethereal at a fair like Etoro.

The Metamask Wallet is the most suitable† Then the Genesis NFTs can be minted directly on the site or purchased on Opensea after each launch.

The Role of Free Muertos Tribute NFTs in Streetlab

The Free Muertos Tribute plays a special role in Streetlab’s board. Collectors of these NFTs will receive a privileged access to the various functionalities and earn a share of the profits. Furthermore, the collection consists of unique NFTs minted on Ethereum blockchains. A strict limit of NFT per wallet address is set to ensure fair distribution.

In summary, Genesis owners receive:

  • revenue share on
  • the opportunity to sponsor a street artist and receive a share of the platform’s revenue
  • privileged access to future Streetlab downgrades
  • voting rights for the trustee.

All holders are may mark their own projects or products that use their NFT Free Muertos and sell them independently.

How does Streetlab work?

Any artist can access the Streetlab Resource Center and join the discord community to learn more about NFTs. However, in order to be featured and promoted by Streetlab, artists must apply by presenting their project themselves.

The community then defines the eligibility criteria so that street artists can apply and have their works promoted and sold by the Streetlab. The idea is to agree on what belongs to street art and establish rules that projects must comply with in order to be promoted.

Streetlab perfectly illustrates how the blockchain and the metaverse integrate the field of art. Each member of the community will streetlab defender and can join the roster of the best street performers, ready to embark on the NFT journey.

Referral Bonus

Rewarding active community members and encouraging peer collaboration is an important part of

For this reason, any genesis holder can: sponsor a street artist on the platform† The sponsor receives 5% of the primary revenue generated by the referred artist without affecting the artist’s share.

Bestsellers on Streetlab

Inspired by Artblocks, the platform offers a collection page that shows the drops of artists selected to monetize. There can be two different types of drops: a 1/1 auction or a fixed price collection with some unique pieces.

An official Streetlab collection will also be created at Opensea for the secondary market of all artworks minted on the Streetlab platform. It becomes possible to filter by artist and by sub-collection to easily find what you are looking for.

Streetlab Genesis offers specific benefits to its holders:

  • Exclusive drops reserved for Streetlab Genesis owners only
  • Early access for a public sale drop on
  • A discounted price for a specific drop
  • An airdrop reserved for owners of Streetlab Genesis

Streetlab business model

The development of the Streetlab platform and its launch will be funded by the primary sale of the Free Muertos tribute genesis collection.

Restoring value to Free Muertos holders is central to our approach. yes, she made the Lab possible and started a vicious circle value creation to support a healthy secondary market.

The Lab’s sources of income are:

Service fee

Representing service charges on 15% of all primary sales hosted by the platform. The distribution of secondary costs is discussed separately for each project.

Streetlab Genesis secondary market

The majority of all secondary market royalties generated by Streetlab Genesis will be allocated to the lab’s treasury.

As Streetlab evolves, the team and community will take every opportunity to launch new projects. They go create new products and increase value for owners.

Board at StreetLab

As mentioned in the presentation, the Streetlab built by the community for the benefit of the latter, as a decentralized organization. Governing mechanisms are designed to reconcile decentralization and efficiency. The adopted structure thus includes three levels of government, in particular:

Eligible Streetlab Community Members

To be eligible, you must: holder of at least 1 NFT Genesis† This allows you to take advantage of a referral bonus for every street artist featured on In addition, it provides privileged access to Streetlab drops. In addition, this level allows you to own all commercial rights to the Free Muertos Tribute NFTs.

Qualification of Streetlab Curators

To become a curator you must: receive one of the 88 Streetlab Genesis NFTs with a secret attribute. This entitles you to a membership card of the curators’ club. You must also be one of the 22 Streetlab Community Members drawn each quarter to join the Streetlab Curator Club. In addition, this draw takes place on a random date in the last month of each quarter.

This membership makes it possible take advantage of all Layer 1 features† It generates a portion of “Streetlab Curated” earnings on a quarterly basis and allows voting for projects presented on the platform.

Qualification of Streetlab Super Curators

For this last level, it is the members of the Streetlab team who select the qualitative criteria. In this category you can: enjoy all the benefits of levels 1 and 2 and to have a special co-branded collection on

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