The heavily embellished resume of Capital’s new presenter

“M6’s economic magazine is co-presented from the start of the school year by Bastien Cadeac, a young start-up maker unfamiliar with the battalion, and with a misleading resume.”

“Bastine who?” M6 caused a surprise on May 27 by announcing that Capital would now be co-presented by “Bastien Cadeac, 31-year-old entrepreneur specializing in internet startups”. The latter, who will also be the show’s deputy editor, was indeed completely unknown to the battalion, especially in the French start-up community. And a look back at his career shows that the lucky winner has achieved little. Even worse, this grandson of a movie producer (his grandfather Paul produced the Fantomas) tends to romanticize his resume.

1- Ghost Messages

Bastien Cadeac’s CV that appears on TechCrunch and Bloomberg intriguing on several counts. First, our guy claims that when he left Edhec in 2010, he was “head of marketing in a French” cloud computing“, a company that Bastien Cadeac does not want to name. However, it is quite surprising to access such a responsibility without any experience. Moreover, the main French companies of cloud computing (Cloudwatt, Numergy, Outscale, OVH, Oodrive and Ikoula) all replied that Bastien Cadeac hadn’t worked for them.

Next, our guy claims to have created a BtoB startup called “Mobile Store Locator”, of which there is no trace anywhere.

Last but not least, these two entries then disappeared from his resume, specifically his account resume LinkedIn† Asked several times about these two missing lines from his resume, Bastien Cadeac never answered.

2- A start-up that didn’t work

In his resume and on his account Twitter, Bastien Cadeac presents himself as a “serial entrepreneur”, that is, a serial entrepreneur. But the series seems to be limited to one episode: a start-up called “Trainity SAS” and who used the “Smap In” sign.

Bastien Cadeac, who was CEO, owned 25% of the capital. He had collaborated with Guillaume Cohen-Skalli, a promotion colleague at Edhec, who held the title of president. The majority of the capital (74%) was held by Claude Cohen-Skalli, a relative of Guillaume and a member of the family that owns Lustucru.

On Bastien Cadeac’s CV, this start-up is presented as both a “leader” in its niche and a “success”. In reality, it was a bitter failure. In three years, the company has made only 568 euros in turnover and lost more than 100,000 euros. It never succeeded in raising funds: “The company began looking for investors and financial partners. Unfortunately, these steps were unsuccessful,” reports the 2012 management report (available below). She didn’t even find enough to hire an employee, or make herself known: “The investments required in particular to launch an ad campaign could not succeed,” the report adds.

Finally, Bastien Cadeac confirms that his company has been “sold” to the Danish company Bownty. The Ace! In reality, the company was liquidated at the beginning of 2013. The management report explains: “The company is aware that it cannot maintain its business as it is, given the very low turnover it generates. The company therefore sought a buyer of its business, or of the software and domain name, these steps have not been successful”. When approached, Paul Issert, who was in charge of Bownty’s French operations at the time, said: “Bownty has only bought certain assets”.

However, Paul Issert has fond memories of our man: “Bastien impressed me as a true entrepreneur, visionary in his approach to the French market and at the same time very pragmatic”. When asked, Bastien Cadeac answers sibyllijns: “The liquidation facilitated the resale”.

3- Two small pants

After this experience, Bastien Cadeac worked successively for two funds specialized in the web. First, similar companya fund based in Moscow and founded by Pascal Clément, a Frenchman who developed in Russia band specialized in the internet. Simile invests in emerging countries, allowing Bastien Cadeac to travel to Turkey or Singapore.

But it is a modest fund. The value of its participations never exceeded 2.2 million euros on its balance sheet. And LinkedIn only lists 4 people who worked there, including Bastien.

Above all, the company Simile, probably for tax reasons, is registered in Luxembourg and domiciled with its chartered accountant. Its main shareholder, Similar to SLP Ltd, is registered in another tax haven, the British Virgin Islands. And several Simile holding companies are also registered in tax havens, such as the British Virgin Islands, Delaware or Cyprus…

At the beginning of 2015, our husband changed dairy. It joins another fund, one ragtime† This fund was created by the French Stéphanie Hospital (former director of Orange Digital), who joined forces with Jean-Marie Messier for the occasion. Here too, the fund is modest, with four employees, including Stéphanie Hospital. And the start is slow. The bottom said to have was made in February 2014, but has only just got its articles of association at the British registry. Stephanie Hospital has explained wants to eventually raise 100 million euros, but does not want to say how much it has actually raised so far. And so far, only one investment has been announced, in the French start-up Zenly

However, the Stéphanie Hospital assures us that she appreciated Bastien Cadeac: “He is a boy full of talents. I appreciated his sense of innovation and business, and his analytical finesse. He has also traveled extensively, leading the entrepreneurial world internationally, especially in Asia, Europe and the Middle East”.

Contacted, Bownty, Simile Ventures and Guillaume Cohen-Skalli never responded.

Update June 8: on RTLBastien Cadeac said: “In my resume, everything is correct, nothing is wrong. I will maintain that. There was an approach about reselling a business compared to selling certain assets and then liquidating them. That’s where it all started.. After two years the expected results were not there, we wanted to move on, we sold the assets to get our balls back, then we liquidated society.”

For its part, questioned by subway newsreplied M6: “Bastien Cadéac has never lied on his resume. We had Bastien Cadeac’s resume in our hands and we know everything about his background. His profile fits us perfectly. We have never presented him anywhere else as the new Steve Jobs “.

Bastien Cadeac’s resume at TechCrunch

Bastien is a serial entrepreneur. In 2011, he launched his first start-up (Smap In, a geo-located deal platform) which was acquired 2 years later by a leading European player in the deal industry. Building on this success, he launched the Mobile Store Locator, a Web-to-Shop service for brands to direct customers to stores.Previous to Smap In, he was Head of Marketing at a French Cloud Computing company.He specializes in online marketing and actively supports the portfolio companies in client acquisition Bastien joined Simile Venture in November 2012 and is involved in all stages of the fund’s investment and post-investment work”.

The results of Trainity SAS (Smap In), in euros

2010: 0
2011: 31
2012: 537

Net profit
2010: -9,441
2011: -55,267
2012: -40,577

NB: fiscal year ended at the end of September

Source: trade register

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