International, Research, Work Study… Thematic Ranking of the Best Business Schools

What is important to you? International? The low cost of tuition? Here are 8 top 5 to situate your future school based on your priority interests.


As we know, the crisis has fostered diversity, thanks to the strong support of the state. A good thing for schools that have already invested heavily in this area. The formula, which consists in following a path of excellence, with remuneration and the virtual guarantee of employment, satisfies everyone. We hope for continued support.

  1. PSB
  2. Inseec Grande Ecole
  3. EM Normandy BS
  4. Montpellier BS
  5. Skema BS

Number of countries offered

Quantity does not guarantee quality, but this indicator makes it possible to judge the variety of destinations and undoubtedly the audacity of the international direction of the grandes écoles. True, they all offer to travel the planet. But if you are looking for a particular country, this can be a selection criterion. Interesting to see that two post-baccalaureate schools, Iéseg and Essca, feature in this top 5, a testament to the rising quality of homes essential to the elite.

  1. eseg
  2. Rennes School of Business
  3. Audencia BS
  4. Neoma BS
  5. Essca

% foreign teachers

Talking about internationality also means offering a broad vision internally, within the school itself. In this regard, the variety of faculties from around the world is certainly a strong indicator. And in times of crisis, it really helped to hold a global vision. Here too Iéseg shines and confirms this dimension a little more in the course offered to his students.

  1. eseg
  2. Rennes School of Business
  3. Neoma BS
  4. HEC Paris
  5. ESCP Europe

business makers

In this new generation, many of them take up entrepreneurship without hesitation, even if their diploma would provide them with a fast and qualitative professional integration. Here we find the best-ranked schools, proof that even the best institutions have made their revolution, even if the DNA of EMlyon or Essec was already tinged with this dimension.

  1. Skema BS
  2. EMlyon BS
  3. Essec BS
  4. ESCP Europe
  5. Edhec BS

Research results

The challenge of research in the Grandes Ecoles is sometimes difficult to explain to young people. However, all national or international assessments largely focus on this topic. HEC leads the way because production is important (her PhD has been the example for a long time). All the schools in our list have made an effort in this area to meet the demands of the many labels.

  1. HEC Paris
  2. Kedge BS
  3. Skema BS
  4. Neoma BS
  5. Montpellier BS

school fees

In this difficult time for some families, this indicator is not trivial. Tuition fees have risen sharply in recent years. From the cheapest (IMT BS) to the most expensive (HEC), you pay €7,500 and over €17,000 per year respectively. We notice that the challengers are positioning themselves on this indicator by offering a recognized master’s degree at a competitive price.

  1. Institute of Mines-Telecom BS (IMT)
  2. ICD Business School
  3. Esdes Lyon
  4. Montpellier BS
  5. EM Strasbourg BS


If Grenoble School of Management takes the lead, it is the ‘small’ structures that are well-arranged because management is naturally more favorable there. But this does not detract from the quality of very large establishments in this area. We can imagine: in addition to the degree of supervision of students by permanent teachers, the quality of this also plays an important role.

  1. Grenoble School of Management
  2. SAI Paris
  3. Idrac BS
  4. EBS Paris
  5. Southern Champagne BS

Social networks

Prestige, fame, popularity, so many elements that play a role in performing on social networks. After preparation, this Top 5 is almost the first in the ranking of schools. In the end there is a great coherence, even if the order is a bit turned upside down. Here we measure the power of the community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta… A way to evaluate the impact of these settings.

  1. HEC Paris
  2. Edhec BS
  3. Emlyon BS
  4. ESCP Europe
  5. Essec BS

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