IBC joins a number of companies and brands that are entering this new, unknown digital territory where the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds come together to create a “mixed reality”, and allow the B2B community and consumers to immerse themselves in an imaginary web3 virtual meta marketplace, where all aspects of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, extraction, production, distribution, retailing and consumption of cannabis and hemp products, can be enjoyed by community residents. cannaland The platform is blockchain powered and enables direct purchases of real estate (plots), NFTs and other digital assets using Cannaland Tokens (“CNLT”), a cryptocurrency that provides transaction assistance within Cannaland† The project should start this year.

“Cannaland will provide an innovative approach to community building, monetization and product marketing, manufacturing and merchandising for cannabis brands seeking to differentiate themselves from the increasingly crowded brick-and-mortar market,” said Cannaverse Technologies CEO Mark Bonner† « Cannaland will interact with other adjacent worlds and platforms with a fully functioning economy where the world’s best brands, growers, extractors and infusers will come together to create a B2B and B2C experience for cannabis enthusiasts that can only be found in virtual reality from the Metaverse ala Cannaland

Stephen HorganIBC co-founder and executive vice president added: “We are considering corporate sponsorships from cannabis industry and consumer product companies that are not currently involved, but are seeking entry into the industry. In addition to individual properties and retail fixtures , there are many ways for a brand or entity to enter Cannaland.† billboard advertising, purchase of naming rights to Metaverse subsections and street names, naming rights to virtual areas, utilities and transportation, hosting of pop-up events, large-scale entertainment events, naming rights for arenas and stadiums and official high-profile advertising sponsorship sectors as well as play-to-win functionality. ”

For Beverage and CPG Companies, Cannaland will feature a community where B2B business owners can set up shop and provide brands, products and services alongside their real-world experiences. The virtual main street of Cannaland will also include a place where users can experience different store concepts.

About InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc.
IBC is a New Yorkadvisory and investment firm focused on the beverage and consumer goods industry. IBC has a global network of strategic industry contacts, credit institutions, consultants, recruiters and management teams. These resources provide partner companies with expertise, industry capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and commercial banking opportunities. IBC actively seeks to invest in its targeted vertical markets in companies with unique products and dedicated management that demonstrate their ability to become category leaders.

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About Cannaverse Technologies
Cannaverse Technologies, the creator of Cannaland, the world’s first Cannabis Metaverse and a pioneer in the marketing, manufacturing and marketing of cannabis products with an innovative blockchain payment system, enables growers, producers, testing labs, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical pharmacies and consumer shows to scale and monetize their brands while directly filling existing gaps in the cannabis industry. The Cannaverse meta marketplace on the blockchain is revolutionizing the global cannabis industry by connecting all facets of the cannabis and hemp communities in one metaverse environment. channel promotes informed and responsible cannabis use and a platform for research and development.

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