AC Ajaccio, an institution managed like a real company

Alain Caldarella, general manager of AC Ajaccio, is confident. † We will pitch soon and we will do everything we can to succeed “, he says, referring to the presentation to be given by the clubs selected each year by Bpifrance to be part of the community of leaders, the movement launched in 2013 by the public investment bank to support French collective sport , bearer of social values ​​and increased business opportunities for the areas. Winning is in his DNA, even though Alain Caldarella as a good entrepreneur knows that life in business goes with ups and downs.” We once had financial problems, he breathes, it is enough to have less TV rights… But things are back to normal. Beyond the day-to-day management without madness “, as he says, it is mainly thanks to a very specific philosophy and strategy that AC Ajaccio was able to get out of this bad patch.

Consolidating the acquis

first, ” we have a business vision, with the idea of ​​consolidating what has been achieved rather than aiming for an increase at all costs, and that has worked for us, as not only have we been able to hold our own in Ligue 2, but we can hope to reach league 1 today* “, he explains. ” Then we wanted to decouple our management from sports results “, he continues. Then there are the partnerships. The club has 136 partners, an achievement in a small area like Corsica. In fact, to encourage partnerships, the club has designed them based on the size of local companies, about SME’s and VSE’s in general. And offers prices affordable enough for a small business to see its name on the jerseys, among other things. And all of them have the opportunity to take advantage of this exposure.” We are also the only club in France to change jerseys every game. ‘ said the Executive Director General. In addition, AC Ajaccio spoils its partners, like other sports clubs, with VIP boxes and even Very VIP, new spaces for meetings and meetings organized before and after the matches. † It’s about forging real links with the local economy, and for Corsica it’s important to have a second-class club. We are a standard bearer he assures.

Powered by leaders

Finally, for the second consecutive season, the club is benefiting from the dynamism of the Leaders. † We were aware that being welcomed by the Leaders was a sign that Bpifrance had confidence in our management, recalls Alain Caldarella, which was clearly of great importance to us. But we didn’t think this club would bring us all. What the leaders have brought AC Ajaccio are exchanges and new perspectives. † The fact that we talk to other clubs, who play different sports and have similar or different problems to ours, teaches us a lothe continues. Thus, the ticket management of rugby clubs is exceptional. We’re very interested in their software to see how they manage to retain fans this way. It gives us ideas. Without forgetting of course the shame », communicative, by Patrice Bégay, Executive Director of Communications and Bpifrance Excellence, at the initiative of the Leaders… Suffice it to say that AC Ajaccio is on the right track. † Being part of the leaders gives a good image to our institution. The club now has a solid foundation », concludes Alain Caldarella. A good foundation, promise of future growth. This goes for any business – just like AC Ajaccio…

* Comments collected from Alain Caldarella, before May 14 and the emergence of AC Ajaccio in League 1.