toulon. Parents launch a fundraiser to have “healthy dorms” in this kindergarten

The dormitory of the public kindergarten of Fabre, in Toulouse. (©DR)

Over the past few days, in this summery mid-May, parents of pupils at the Fabre kindergarten, which has about a hundred children, in Toulouse, have launched a Leetchi cat, “for healthy dorms”. They mainly wait for answers from the town hall… which is already on the bridge.

“We are very far from comfort”

Parent of a student, Thibault Daniel tells “In consultation with the other parents and the education team, it was determined that the dorms need work† They are not well ventilated, very hot in summer and cold in winter. They don’t let children sleep well,” he says. The first extreme heat observed in this month of May accentuated the problem.

“We are very far from comfort, I think it is not healthy. Last Wednesday an ATSEM told us that the children had slept very badly because it was 30 degrees. The dorm does not allow a good rest time if you are in high season, so summer or winter. Do you need ventilation, ventilation or better insulation? You have to put the solutions on the table at a company that knows how to do it!”

Thibault Danielparent of student

The parents of the students of the school, which has four classes, “wanted to shake things up and launch this kitten, which has more of a symbolic calling† The goal is to get the town hall to respond so we know a little bit about the dates, exactly.”

Thibault Daniel confirms: “Today, we are told it will be taken into account, let it progress, I believe it! But we would like to have some more details about what will happen and when”.

City Hall is on the move

Assistant of the town hall of Toulouse, in particular in charge of school affairs and work in schools, Marion Lalane de Laubadère, explained to Toulouse news that “in principle we share the analysis worldwide, since we had already done something about the dormitory last year: we had changed the frames and windows, we had placed the skylights for better ventilation”. She admits: “Actually, this is not enough

Exchanges had taken place between the technical department of the town hall and the parents, dated 23 March. “We told them we would get back to them as soon as possible accurate information, adds Marion Lalane de Laubadère. “But if we haven’t gotten back to it, it’s because we don’t have enough accurate information yet, especially about the intervention dates. †

“We were very fast, we did air quality analyses. I validated the budgets to carry out an intervention to set up a VMC in the dormitory, it will be between 50 and 70,000 euros. Today we do not know when businesses will be Going back to a school to say “yes we will do it” without saying when, that doesn’t make sense I don’t know how to say if it will be this summer, on All Saints Day… It’s the companies that will be able to do it or not.”

Marion Lalane de LaubadereVice Mayor of Toulouse

The assistant of the town hall of Toulouse does not hide her surprise at the initiative of the parents of students. † On the form it shocks me a bit because the neighborhood mayor is very present at this school, she goes to all the school councils, the relationships are very fluid,” she says. “We can’t even imagine that it would be an abandoned school. This is clearly not the case. †

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More than half a billion euros for education

On the fringe of the Town Hall’s response to the work yet to come in the Fabre school, Marion Lalane de Laubadère specifies that in Toulouse “this mandate for 2020-2026 represents an investment budget of 288 million euros for the construction and maintenance of schools . previous mandate it was over 230 million euros. So we have over half a billion euros in two mandates of investments in schools”. She takes the opportunity to add that in scenarios similar to those of the Fabre school, “all the requests from the schools are registered. Then the technical services make analyzes and recommendations. And then we roll out”.

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