This is a first in Eure-et-Loir: the Guéreau school in Maintenon has housed a mobile chicken coop

Rooster Georges and his three hens, Étoile, Poulette and Poule rousse, will certainly be missed by the children and their teachers at Guéreau’s kindergarten in Maintenon. After spending three weeks in the facility, the poultry left on Tuesday May 17, 2022 in their mobile chicken coop, a thatched trailer, to join their owners, the Sykadap Association.

Based in Gault-Saint-Denis, near Châteaudun, this militant departmental association raises awareness of climate change among schoolchildren and the general public by creating vegetable gardens, building insect hotels, gardening and DIY workshops, etc. Also interested in eco-grass, the association launched a mobile chicken coop project this year.

After defending the idea for three years, he sees his chicken coop project at the Michel-Chasles college in Epernon come true.

“Eco-grazing is indeed possible with sheep, but also with chickens,” explains Pascale Cordier, who is leading this new project together with Bernard, her husband, founder of Sykadap. “And for children, the chicken is an interesting animal because it is small. †

Where do these chickens come from?

Bought in Dangers, in a breeding shop, Georges, Étoile, Poulette and Poule rousse (because that’s what the schoolchildren of Maintenon called them) started their new life in the kindergarten of Guéreau. Pascale and Bernard Cordier have dropped off their chicken coop trailer in a fenced green area, on the school grounds. They returned on Friday, May 13, to talk to the students of the establishment’s three classes and answer their questions.

How did the students react?

The experience united all school children. “This allowed the students to discover the animal alive, but also have a common project,” explains Stéphanie Isambert, the director of the establishment. “The children really wanted to go and see the chickens. It was a very calming moment for them during the break and it made us want to have a permanent chicken coop. †

What you need to know before adopting chickens in your yard

The arrival of the poultry also made it possible to establish contacts with the neighbors of the school, all of whom were warned of this unusual presence and rejoiced. Drawings of chickens decorate the corridors and classrooms of the kindergarten. The students watched movies; the older class made a book about chickens; means that the eggs laid are used to bake a cake…

What will become of the mobile chicken coop?

The mobile chicken coop will now be set up for a few weeks in Dammarie, a town in the Chartres agglomeration. The municipality is planning to build a chicken coop in its school.

In Maintenon, the director of the Guéreau kindergarten and her team are already ready to receive Georges and his chickens again: “We are saving them for next year! †

Laurence Franceschina

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